Outfit #7

Guys, I am scared. The thunderstorm-thing already started, but the weatherforcast told us that it would start much later. I am so glad that my father told me he would bring me by car (to my work). But, I only have to be there at half past twelve (12.30) so I had enough time to make another, very casual and colourfull outfit. I began to feel sad because of the dark and grey sky, so I thought I am going to make an outfit with a pop of colour! I am in love with the nailpolish! I have to go and shut my window now, because it's starting to be very windy all of a sudden!

With love,

Outfit #6

I'm extremely sorry for my lack of posting these past days. I have been very busy. But I have been busy with doing fun stuff so that makes it a good thing. I will tell you guys all about it in my jar of little notes. But about this outfit. It's just something I based on the top. I saw it and I fell in love with it. It's very loose and the sequins on it are completely adorable. I love it because they all are a different colour. I picked the light blue and made that the "top" colour, by pairing the top with a light blue bag and a light blue nailpolish from China Glaze. The shoes are matching with the leather on the bag and with some sequins on the top. I think this is an outfit you can wear on a daily basis or maybe when you are having lunch with your mom, your best friend or maybe a cute guy. When it's a little sunnier outside, I would change the dark green pants into a dark green pair of shorts. Dark green ? Yes, because when you go for denim, your outfit will be blue, blue and more blue.
I'm very excited  because I'm going to work for the first time today. It's tropical warm outside, and that's a miracle here in the Netherlands, so I don't really know how to dress. Does anyone have suggestions ?

With love,

Just a little question

I have a question for you girls guys and monkeys.
In two weeks I'm going on holiday to France. But I have a problem!
I don't have any books to read! So, what do you guys recommend ? It's not really a problem
when It's written in English by the way.
And I have another question for you guys, what are your favorite songs ? Because my iPod
is extremely empty actually!

Much love,

Outfit #5

I'm so sorry for not posting this yesterday! It's my outfit for Friday, but I'm uploading it on saturday, not a good thing. I was busy. The party I went to with the girls was amazing, but I'll tell you guys everything in my jar of little notes-page. I haven't had any time yesterday to put up this blogpost, so I'm doing it right now! I'll create a Saturday outfit today and put it up for you guys, that's a promise! It's my pyjama-day today, because I'm not going anywhere, so I thought you know what, I'm gonna wear my pyjamas today! So, I actually woke up at 12.00 and I just ate my breakfast, so I'm going to take a shower now!
You can expect another blogpost today!

With love,

Outfit #5

I made this on Tuesday while I was talking to a friend of mine on the phone. I said "You know what, I'm putting an outfit together now, on the internet" He was like why are you doing that? He didn't understand why I was putting items together to make an outfit. Well, I know that it is a little crazy, and I know that I might have gotten very addicted (I'm so sorry if that sentence isn't grammatically right). Extremely addicted, actually. But I love it! I can't explain why but I really do! I hope that I will get better, and have more things to post on my blog. Now I'm just posting outfits and items I like, but I want to put more stuff on here, but I don't really have an idea yet. I will brainstorm about it, I promise! If you guys have any ideas, tell me please!

Enjoy your Thursday (I will because I'm going to a party tonight with some of my lovely new friends, I'll keep you guys updated)

Much love,

Outfit #4

Love ? Wednesday is in the air! It's too cold to wear this today when you're in the Netherlands, but when you are in a country where the sun is shining, you can definitely wear something like this. Especially when you're going on a romantic date. That's where I based this outfit on, actually. Not that I have a date (unfortunately). I am in love with the nude nailpolish. I took that one because it's the same colour as the hat. The watch is from Tiffany's and seriously, it's  8,700 dollars, can you believe that? It's pretty, thought.
I have to go and jump on my crosstrainer now before I go to school. I'm going to school and after that I'll have lunch with my mom. I'm looking forward to that!
I'll talk to you girls guys monkeys soon!

Have a sunny (even when it's cold and rainy) wednesday!

Let's go the beach girls!

And I made another "selection". This time the theme is "Beach". I was inspired by my own fantasy. After I took a shower with my coconut-mango bodywash, I was feeling all summery and beachy and I decided to make a "Beach selection". I'll go throught all the items quickly, because most of them go without saying ofcourse.

1. A hat to protect your face, eyes and hair from the sun and to make your outfit look a little bit dressy'er.
2. A pair of big sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun. You can also spy on cute boys ofcourse!
3. A wide crop-top-kinda-thing. It's perfect for the beach.
4. A bright coloured nailpolish. This summer bright colours are back, and minty green is very popular too!
5. The most important thing when you go to the beach ; your bikini or bathingsuit, if you prefer that.
6. A lovely cotton beach bag to put all your stuff in. Make sure you put your electronic stuff in a little plastic bag, because you don't want them to get wet or dirty.
7. A pair of wide and comfy shorts. Adorable.
8. The second most important thing ; your beachtowel. But, you can always forget your towel on purpose. Now your crush has to share his towel with you.. oops!
9. Just some comfy and easy sandals. You can also go for flip flops, but I prefer sandals, because when I wear flipflops to the beach, all the sand kinda jumps up when I walk.
(10. Don't forget your waterbottle and your sunscreen, ofcourse!)

Are you feeling beachy yet ?
I'm going to dream about the beach now. At least, I hope so!
Have a great night!

Oh boy

A few days ago I was inspired by Fashion Cappuccino (click!). She mentioned that Menswear Fashion week starts this week. She inspired me to pick some items which are "boyish" to me. I really love clothing and accessories for men on women. I mixed my picks with the Bohemian trend, and I just noticed it actually. All of my "boyish" picks look a little "old" and have neutral, earthy colours. Well, let's move on and let me tell you why I picked these items.

1. This is the funniest thing, a zipper-ring. I don't know who designed it actually, but he or she must have many great ideas like this!
2. A very loose, wide shirt blouse thing. The colour is dark green mixed with dark grey, it seems. I love it.
3. Ray Ban aviator glasses. That goes without saying.
4. The popular and comfy boyfriend jeans. It's a distressed one, and that makes the jeans look even a lot more boyish to me.
5. This is not really a "mans" bag, and I can't even explain why I chose this bag, but I did, and I still like it.
6. Just a striped, loose top. I think this one would go really well with item #13 and some very light pink flats. Adorable!
7. A woolen sweater, but different. I think the fabic isn't wool but it looks like it. I would pair this one with the boyfriend jeans and some ankle booties.
8. Yes guys, my dad owns a pair of these. But he is a sailor acutally. I like these "sailor" shoes for women, but for men I don't really know what to think about it yet.
9. The cutest bracelets. I like absolutely everything about them. The colour, the fabric, the little silver balls, everything.
10. A simple pair of black brogues.
11. This skirt obviously isn't a men-thing, but I thought "Well, this skirt kinda fits in this trend, even when it's not a men-thing".
12. A big leather bracelet. Undoubtedly something for men ànd women.
13. Last but not least, this pair of shorts. It's boyish to me because of the colour, army green!

I am very excited because tonight I get to cook my own meal, because I'm home alone! Wish me luck!

With love,

Outfit #3

Good morning!
This is my outfit for today. I made it yesterday and it took me an hour. I'm still not sure about the colours but I thought I'm going to post it to ask your opinion. Would you pick something else to wear with the blouse or the shoes ? Please let me know, because I'm very curious! O and by the way, if you haven't had time yet to read my Bohemian look post, please do it now because I would love to hear your opinion!

Big hug,

Bohemian look

I discoverd something that I absolutely adore, and it's the bohemian look. The bohemian look in inspired on self expression and vintage elements. The outfits make people think that they are "just thrown on" or "messy and just out of bed". There are a few celebs who are following the bohemian trend, like Sienna Miller. All kinds fashion designers try to give their own "twist" to the bohemian look. I picked some stuff on Polyvore, which are Boho to me. I would definitely wear al these items. Maybe not together, but paired with something else. If you want me to make an outfit with one of the following items, just ask! I would love to do that for you!

When someone asks me to "tag" the Bohemian look I would say the following things.
Indian looks, feathers, earth colours, wood, denim, wide and comfy, old-looking.
I think that you can imagine why I picked these 9 items. The first one is just a lovely wide light pink top. The second item is a pair of earrings, I love the colour! The third item goes without saying. The fourth item is just a wide, white shirt with feathers on it. The fifth item is a denim jumpsuit. Number six is a pair of lovely sandals. The seventh item is one of my favorites. I love the colours, the print and the design. Totally adorable! Number eight goes without saying again, beautfiful peacock feather earrings. And last but not least, this "Indian" looking bag.

Which item is your favorite ?
Sleep well and remember, every girl has her own style, make your own trends!

With love,

Outfit #2

I'm such a fantasygirl. I was thinking about the beach and palmtrees and icecreams, so I made my monday outfit a little bit too summery. Well, not too summery, but I would not really wear this today because it's not as hot out here (in the Netherlands) as it seems. I fell in love with the bright yellow blouse en just hád to make an outfit out of it. I paired it with some "colourblocking" colours and some wedges. I am going to search for a look-a-like-blouse and then remake this outfit with things out of my own closet, which is definitely not as colourful. I'm going to write a little story in "My jar of little notes" and after that I'll fix my hair and go to school.

Have a fashionable monday!
With love,

My jar of little notes

I made a new "page". It's right here above this post. It's called "My little jar of notes" and it's just about things happening in my life, or something. I don't have a very happening-full life actually, so the page will not be very interesting. I hope you all had a great weekend with lots of sleep. And happy fathersday, ofcourse!

Good luck with the monday-blues tomorrow!
With love,

Outfit #1

I have a new addiction. Creating outfits on Polyvore! It kept me from schoolwork for more than two hours. I was so busy trying to make an outfit that I would wear with this kind of weather. Maybe that's not a good thing, but I created this outfit based on the rain outside. It's june guys, come on I would love to see the sun! Well, I really have to study right now so I'll see you soon!
With love,

For the record ; all the outfits I "create" on Polyvore are outfits that I would wear myself. I wish I had the money, haha.


So I am very bored. I have to study for some tests I have this week, but I don't have any motivation right now. I always see this "follow me on Bloglovin' buttons" and I though maybe I can get that button too, so I googled it. I had to post this little code, so that's why there's a weird code in this post. I hope you girls guys monkeys want to follow me on Bloglovin'! I already saw so many inspirational blogs! It's amazing how many girls love fashion. But I won't deny it, I love it too. I am not as fashionable (yet!) but I learn so much from all those girls! I think I have to go now, studying may be boring but it is very important though.
See you soon!


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Fashion here, fashion there, fashion everywhere

So, I made an account on Fashiolista! You should really check the site out, it's great! It's something like lookbook, but you don't have to "have" the clothes and stuff, and you don't have to make pictures of them all by yourself! It's great actually!
I just wanted to let you girls guys monkeys know. There also is a little gadget on the left here, so you can see the latest items I '"loved". That's how it's called when you click on the little heart button.
When you girls have an account too, send me a link-thing! I'd love to see what you're loving!

With love,

Comfortable, fashionable and summery on the road

Third post today! I think I am kinda getting obsessed with doing this!
I often watch youtube videos from beautyguru's from the US and the UK and I love them!
They give me so much inspiration! So, my first "real" blogpost is about roadtrips.
I think a lot of you are going on holiday in a few weeks. For those who are travelling by car, I have some roadtrip essentials.

First, what to wear ? You can always put on your sweatpants and a big t-shirt, but I always love to look just a little bit more fashionable. But, most of the time fashionable isn't very comfortable! But, I went searching in my closet and on the internet and I found some things that are both comfortable and fashionable.

For a top, you can make a choice. It depends on the weather. You can wear a loose, summery top or you can totally go for a shirt with short sleeves. I would go for the top, and than pair it with a colourful vest or cardigan. I would go for a top that is wide in stead of tight, because one, it is a lot more comfortable and two, you are going on a road trip and you'll have to sit for a few hours. For girls who are a little bit insecure about their body, like me, is a loose fit top a much better idea. For colours I would go for something that matches your eyecolour, because that will make you look kind of "healthier". For the little vest or cardigan I would go for a colour that is similar to the other colours you are wearing or for a simple black or white one.

For the bottom, it depends on the weather as well. It is summer, but it can also be a little bit too chilly for a short. But, I think shorts are the most summery, comfortable and fashionable. I think the most comfortable are wide, "boyfriend" shaped shorts. Again, I would never go for a tight one. You can go for denim or maybe a linen one. (did I pronounced that right?). The colours aren't as difficult to choose, because mostly you want your shorts to match with your top, shirt or vest-thing, but I would choose a nude colour. For instance black, white or brownish.

For shoes I would totally go for cute sandals, flars or slippers. It makes your outfit more summery.
If you get cold feet in the car, you can bring socks to keep them warm.

For accessories, if you are going to wear them, I shouldn't choose big, dangly ones. Maybe a little cotton bracelet or a light, thin necklace. You can also wear little earrings. I'm not telling you that you're not allowed to wear big, massive dangly jewelry, but I am just letting you know that how fashionable it might be, it's not very comfortable in a car.

And the big question, what are you going to do about your hair? I think that wearing your hair in a ponytail, a braid or something else which will keep your hair out of your face, is the best choice. When you have short hair, and you can't put all of your hair in a ponytail or a braid, you can totally get it out of your face with a headband or with some bobby pins.

For make-up I should go for a natural face powder and some blush or bronzer, to keep it all natural. When you really have bad skin and you are very insecure about that, you can wear foundation but I suggest wearing a tinted moisturizer. For the eyes, I should not wear very much. I would go for mascara, maybe eyeliner and that's it. But again, you totally are allowed to put eyeshadow on and stuff. For lips I would go for all natural, or you can use a lipcare product to protect your lips from the sun.

I think this is it! If you have any suggestions or questions or comments, I would love to hear that from you! Sorry for my "typos" and wrong english! I hope you'll all have a great holiday and a comfortable, fashionable and lovely roadtrip!

With love,

Sometimes we all need to start things over

Well, you might have noticed that my blog has changed. And not even a little bit, a lot.
I have been thinking and I eventually did it, I changed it all. Even the name.
I am now planning to write everything in english. For the record, I'm a sixteen year old girl from the
Netherlands, so my english isn't perfect. Actually it sometimes is totally wrong. But I'm learning!
This is just a quick update, I hope you girls guys monkeys aliëns will still want to follow me. Seriously, I just have 9 followers but I don't care, I am really happy with that! This time I'm going to love things another way. That is my quote and I'm really planning on actually "doing" it. I hope that you'll enjoy reading my posts.
Leave a comment and let me know what you think! Ofcourse you can do that in dutch!

With much love,