Bohemian look

I discoverd something that I absolutely adore, and it's the bohemian look. The bohemian look in inspired on self expression and vintage elements. The outfits make people think that they are "just thrown on" or "messy and just out of bed". There are a few celebs who are following the bohemian trend, like Sienna Miller. All kinds fashion designers try to give their own "twist" to the bohemian look. I picked some stuff on Polyvore, which are Boho to me. I would definitely wear al these items. Maybe not together, but paired with something else. If you want me to make an outfit with one of the following items, just ask! I would love to do that for you!

When someone asks me to "tag" the Bohemian look I would say the following things.
Indian looks, feathers, earth colours, wood, denim, wide and comfy, old-looking.
I think that you can imagine why I picked these 9 items. The first one is just a lovely wide light pink top. The second item is a pair of earrings, I love the colour! The third item goes without saying. The fourth item is just a wide, white shirt with feathers on it. The fifth item is a denim jumpsuit. Number six is a pair of lovely sandals. The seventh item is one of my favorites. I love the colours, the print and the design. Totally adorable! Number eight goes without saying again, beautfiful peacock feather earrings. And last but not least, this "Indian" looking bag.

Which item is your favorite ?
Sleep well and remember, every girl has her own style, make your own trends!

With love,

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