Comfortable, fashionable and summery on the road

Third post today! I think I am kinda getting obsessed with doing this!
I often watch youtube videos from beautyguru's from the US and the UK and I love them!
They give me so much inspiration! So, my first "real" blogpost is about roadtrips.
I think a lot of you are going on holiday in a few weeks. For those who are travelling by car, I have some roadtrip essentials.

First, what to wear ? You can always put on your sweatpants and a big t-shirt, but I always love to look just a little bit more fashionable. But, most of the time fashionable isn't very comfortable! But, I went searching in my closet and on the internet and I found some things that are both comfortable and fashionable.

For a top, you can make a choice. It depends on the weather. You can wear a loose, summery top or you can totally go for a shirt with short sleeves. I would go for the top, and than pair it with a colourful vest or cardigan. I would go for a top that is wide in stead of tight, because one, it is a lot more comfortable and two, you are going on a road trip and you'll have to sit for a few hours. For girls who are a little bit insecure about their body, like me, is a loose fit top a much better idea. For colours I would go for something that matches your eyecolour, because that will make you look kind of "healthier". For the little vest or cardigan I would go for a colour that is similar to the other colours you are wearing or for a simple black or white one.

For the bottom, it depends on the weather as well. It is summer, but it can also be a little bit too chilly for a short. But, I think shorts are the most summery, comfortable and fashionable. I think the most comfortable are wide, "boyfriend" shaped shorts. Again, I would never go for a tight one. You can go for denim or maybe a linen one. (did I pronounced that right?). The colours aren't as difficult to choose, because mostly you want your shorts to match with your top, shirt or vest-thing, but I would choose a nude colour. For instance black, white or brownish.

For shoes I would totally go for cute sandals, flars or slippers. It makes your outfit more summery.
If you get cold feet in the car, you can bring socks to keep them warm.

For accessories, if you are going to wear them, I shouldn't choose big, dangly ones. Maybe a little cotton bracelet or a light, thin necklace. You can also wear little earrings. I'm not telling you that you're not allowed to wear big, massive dangly jewelry, but I am just letting you know that how fashionable it might be, it's not very comfortable in a car.

And the big question, what are you going to do about your hair? I think that wearing your hair in a ponytail, a braid or something else which will keep your hair out of your face, is the best choice. When you have short hair, and you can't put all of your hair in a ponytail or a braid, you can totally get it out of your face with a headband or with some bobby pins.

For make-up I should go for a natural face powder and some blush or bronzer, to keep it all natural. When you really have bad skin and you are very insecure about that, you can wear foundation but I suggest wearing a tinted moisturizer. For the eyes, I should not wear very much. I would go for mascara, maybe eyeliner and that's it. But again, you totally are allowed to put eyeshadow on and stuff. For lips I would go for all natural, or you can use a lipcare product to protect your lips from the sun.

I think this is it! If you have any suggestions or questions or comments, I would love to hear that from you! Sorry for my "typos" and wrong english! I hope you'll all have a great holiday and a comfortable, fashionable and lovely roadtrip!

With love,

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