Let's go the beach girls!

And I made another "selection". This time the theme is "Beach". I was inspired by my own fantasy. After I took a shower with my coconut-mango bodywash, I was feeling all summery and beachy and I decided to make a "Beach selection". I'll go throught all the items quickly, because most of them go without saying ofcourse.

1. A hat to protect your face, eyes and hair from the sun and to make your outfit look a little bit dressy'er.
2. A pair of big sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun. You can also spy on cute boys ofcourse!
3. A wide crop-top-kinda-thing. It's perfect for the beach.
4. A bright coloured nailpolish. This summer bright colours are back, and minty green is very popular too!
5. The most important thing when you go to the beach ; your bikini or bathingsuit, if you prefer that.
6. A lovely cotton beach bag to put all your stuff in. Make sure you put your electronic stuff in a little plastic bag, because you don't want them to get wet or dirty.
7. A pair of wide and comfy shorts. Adorable.
8. The second most important thing ; your beachtowel. But, you can always forget your towel on purpose. Now your crush has to share his towel with you.. oops!
9. Just some comfy and easy sandals. You can also go for flip flops, but I prefer sandals, because when I wear flipflops to the beach, all the sand kinda jumps up when I walk.
(10. Don't forget your waterbottle and your sunscreen, ofcourse!)

Are you feeling beachy yet ?
I'm going to dream about the beach now. At least, I hope so!
Have a great night!

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