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A few days ago I was inspired by Fashion Cappuccino (click!). She mentioned that Menswear Fashion week starts this week. She inspired me to pick some items which are "boyish" to me. I really love clothing and accessories for men on women. I mixed my picks with the Bohemian trend, and I just noticed it actually. All of my "boyish" picks look a little "old" and have neutral, earthy colours. Well, let's move on and let me tell you why I picked these items.

1. This is the funniest thing, a zipper-ring. I don't know who designed it actually, but he or she must have many great ideas like this!
2. A very loose, wide shirt blouse thing. The colour is dark green mixed with dark grey, it seems. I love it.
3. Ray Ban aviator glasses. That goes without saying.
4. The popular and comfy boyfriend jeans. It's a distressed one, and that makes the jeans look even a lot more boyish to me.
5. This is not really a "mans" bag, and I can't even explain why I chose this bag, but I did, and I still like it.
6. Just a striped, loose top. I think this one would go really well with item #13 and some very light pink flats. Adorable!
7. A woolen sweater, but different. I think the fabic isn't wool but it looks like it. I would pair this one with the boyfriend jeans and some ankle booties.
8. Yes guys, my dad owns a pair of these. But he is a sailor acutally. I like these "sailor" shoes for women, but for men I don't really know what to think about it yet.
9. The cutest bracelets. I like absolutely everything about them. The colour, the fabric, the little silver balls, everything.
10. A simple pair of black brogues.
11. This skirt obviously isn't a men-thing, but I thought "Well, this skirt kinda fits in this trend, even when it's not a men-thing".
12. A big leather bracelet. Undoubtedly something for men ànd women.
13. Last but not least, this pair of shorts. It's boyish to me because of the colour, army green!

I am very excited because tonight I get to cook my own meal, because I'm home alone! Wish me luck!

With love,

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