Outfit #4

Love ? Wednesday is in the air! It's too cold to wear this today when you're in the Netherlands, but when you are in a country where the sun is shining, you can definitely wear something like this. Especially when you're going on a romantic date. That's where I based this outfit on, actually. Not that I have a date (unfortunately). I am in love with the nude nailpolish. I took that one because it's the same colour as the hat. The watch is from Tiffany's and seriously, it's  8,700 dollars, can you believe that? It's pretty, thought.
I have to go and jump on my crosstrainer now before I go to school. I'm going to school and after that I'll have lunch with my mom. I'm looking forward to that!
I'll talk to you girls guys monkeys soon!

Have a sunny (even when it's cold and rainy) wednesday!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Dit is echt een ontzettend leuke outfit!
    Love it. ♥

  2. Gorgeous, love the dress, love the heels, love it all!
    xo Cara