Outfit #5

I made this on Tuesday while I was talking to a friend of mine on the phone. I said "You know what, I'm putting an outfit together now, on the internet" He was like why are you doing that? He didn't understand why I was putting items together to make an outfit. Well, I know that it is a little crazy, and I know that I might have gotten very addicted (I'm so sorry if that sentence isn't grammatically right). Extremely addicted, actually. But I love it! I can't explain why but I really do! I hope that I will get better, and have more things to post on my blog. Now I'm just posting outfits and items I like, but I want to put more stuff on here, but I don't really have an idea yet. I will brainstorm about it, I promise! If you guys have any ideas, tell me please!

Enjoy your Thursday (I will because I'm going to a party tonight with some of my lovely new friends, I'll keep you guys updated)

Much love,

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  1. zoals gewoonlijk -> i love it!
    & ik heb zin in vanavond, hihi