Outfit #5

I'm so sorry for not posting this yesterday! It's my outfit for Friday, but I'm uploading it on saturday, not a good thing. I was busy. The party I went to with the girls was amazing, but I'll tell you guys everything in my jar of little notes-page. I haven't had any time yesterday to put up this blogpost, so I'm doing it right now! I'll create a Saturday outfit today and put it up for you guys, that's a promise! It's my pyjama-day today, because I'm not going anywhere, so I thought you know what, I'm gonna wear my pyjamas today! So, I actually woke up at 12.00 and I just ate my breakfast, so I'm going to take a shower now!
You can expect another blogpost today!

With love,

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  1. Oooh that is absolutely gorgeous! I love the simple tee + jeans so rock n roll chic! Gorgeous! Hope you enjoyed your lie in :) we all need them sometimes!