Outfit #6

I'm extremely sorry for my lack of posting these past days. I have been very busy. But I have been busy with doing fun stuff so that makes it a good thing. I will tell you guys all about it in my jar of little notes. But about this outfit. It's just something I based on the top. I saw it and I fell in love with it. It's very loose and the sequins on it are completely adorable. I love it because they all are a different colour. I picked the light blue and made that the "top" colour, by pairing the top with a light blue bag and a light blue nailpolish from China Glaze. The shoes are matching with the leather on the bag and with some sequins on the top. I think this is an outfit you can wear on a daily basis or maybe when you are having lunch with your mom, your best friend or maybe a cute guy. When it's a little sunnier outside, I would change the dark green pants into a dark green pair of shorts. Dark green ? Yes, because when you go for denim, your outfit will be blue, blue and more blue.
I'm very excited  because I'm going to work for the first time today. It's tropical warm outside, and that's a miracle here in the Netherlands, so I don't really know how to dress. Does anyone have suggestions ?

With love,

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