Sometimes we all need to start things over

Well, you might have noticed that my blog has changed. And not even a little bit, a lot.
I have been thinking and I eventually did it, I changed it all. Even the name.
I am now planning to write everything in english. For the record, I'm a sixteen year old girl from the
Netherlands, so my english isn't perfect. Actually it sometimes is totally wrong. But I'm learning!
This is just a quick update, I hope you girls guys monkeys aliƫns will still want to follow me. Seriously, I just have 9 followers but I don't care, I am really happy with that! This time I'm going to love things another way. That is my quote and I'm really planning on actually "doing" it. I hope that you'll enjoy reading my posts.
Leave a comment and let me know what you think! Ofcourse you can do that in dutch!

With much love,

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