My thirtieth post

Lovely someone who's reading this at this particular moment, welcome to my 30th post!
Not that I'm proud of it or that I'm now going to buy a big cake or something, I just noticed it.
Well, today I don't have very exciting news. Tomorrow I'm going on my little trip I told you guys about. I thought that I would go today, but my other grandmother (my father's mom) is coming for dinner today, so we're leaving tomorrow. I actually can't wait, the weatherforcast loves me so the sun will shine the next few days! And that's lovely because this SUMMER I haven't seen much sunlight.. yeah. So, I made an outfit on Polyvore today, inspired on having a casual day. But, a casual day when you still have to look a kind of chic because that's something you just do when family comes over. Unless I do, because I want them to be proud at me, I guess, or something, I don't know I'm just blathering right now. So I'm wearing my light denim blouse today (which is very long so I can wear it as a sort of dress) with some leggings and ankle booties. My hair is as curly as it always is and my makeup is just concealer, face powder, mascara and blush. Not very exciting. My grandmother wouldn't even actually care if I just had some sweatpants on. I'm going to write something in my jar of notes because this is more like a me-blog than a fashionblog right now!

All my love,
ps ; I'm happier today!

Out of inspiration and being grumpy

I hate this. I have this thing sometimes, and actually it's getting worse because I have it all the time now. It's horrible. I wake up and I only feel grumpyness. Like I want to throw something out of the window or I just want to scream and do nothing the whole day. I feel so sad and angry at the same time and I'm making a problem of every little thing that's around me. Some call it a depression? Well I don't know but I've had this thing like a year and a half now and I've always had up and downs, but this "down" is here for too long now. Please could someone help me get happy? I want to smile again, and wake up with a feeling that I really wánt to do something. My parents are getting sick of it and I don't want them to be mad at me all the time! Maybe some happy songs or some new girly website I could go check out ? Please help me!
I do get happy when I see my friends or when I get a text from a friend who always makes me happy (he's in France right now, horrible to miss him, trust me) and when my cat is sleeping on my laptop or something like that. I'm not that bad, but I just want this to end, it's sucking all the positivity (which isn't much) out of me.
And I obviously get happy when someone posts a comment (3 girls did that today and I couldn't even reply because I have a problem with my Google-account, so girls if you guys are reading this, thanks so much it means a lot to me!). So I made this not very fashionable outfit, because my inspiration is everywhere but in my head. I like the fact that Mickey Mouse is on it though.
Guys I have to go now, I have to call a friend and I really want to talk to my mom and say sorry for my temper(s).

Much love and the little bit of happyness I still have,

I'm going on a little trip

Me and my lovely mom decided to go on a little trip. My grandparents have a sailboat and since the weather in the Netherlands is getting better, we're going to stay on the boat for a few days! I'm looking forward to it, because it's great to be on the boat! It's so relaxing and my grandmother is so sweet, she always makes sure that there are fruits and vetgetables on the boat so that I can go on eating healthy and stuff, she's such a sweetheart! (My grandfather also is by the way). So we're leaving tomorrow or saturday I believe, but I'll keep you guys updated. Maybe I'll take my laptop but I don't know if I'm able to get wi-fi over there, but we'll see. I've made this little nautical outfit. It's very simple and it suits the occasion!
What are you guys going to do next week ?

Much love,


Lovely readers, it has happend. I finally found my new favorite song. I must confess that I always thought that I'd never listen to songs like this, from Demi Lovato or Selena Gomez, but I actually really like this one. It's Skyscraper by Demi Lovato and the lyrics are very catchy. I just wanted to share this with you guys, maybe you like the song too, tell me! I'm going to bed now, I'm very tired. We're changing my room and today we carried my closet and bed and stuff to another room so we can paint mine, so I think you guys understand why I'm tired.

Click here to go to youtube and listen to the song

Good night and much love,

Vintage looks and oversized sweaters

I was reading the Glamour and the Cosmopolitan, and I discovered a new trend coming up. I don't know what it's called, but I know I want to have this item in my closet this year. It's a sweater. Yes, it is. But not just a sweater, an oversized, knitted one. I've seen great designer pieces and I simply fell in love with it. It's not very "summery" so I think you'd have to wait wearing this kind of thing till fall is sneaking in. Now I'm going to show you some Polyvore-picks in this kind of "style". And I wanted to tell you guys that I will be going to some vintage stores this week, or next week, I don't know yet but I will be going and I hope I will pick up some exclusive and great stuff, I'll keep you guys updated on that!

1. A big, loose fitting sweater like I was talking about!
2. A knitted scarf. With that, you can never go wrong! But, watch it, you don't want your outfit to be to much "knitted".
3. Again, a big oversized sweater. This is more a cropped-sweater-thing. I would wear a fun coloured tank top under it, to spice it all up.
4. This is a "crochet" sweater. I think this is looking very vintage.
5. Some old looking Chanel earrings, I think they're adorable.
6. OPI Nailpolish in the shade I have no idea, I wish I knew I'm so sorry. But, every old looking colour will do when you're going vintage.
7. Sweater number 4, last but not least. This also is a cropped one!
8. This isn't particularily (?) a vintage looking ring, but it will definitely go with the earrings, right?
9. And a little leather clutch-bag-type-of-thing, adorable.

With all my love,


So, as you can see, I deleted my Jessica Szohr post. It didn't really turn out to be the way I hoped. I'm struggling with myself now, what should I do ? I want to have something to focus on, but it feels like I'm only writing to myself! Other girls have so many followers and not that I care about popularity, but I feel sad that (it seems that) nobody really likes what I write about, and how I write about it. I know my friends do, but I really want to become a réal fashionblogger, even though it will take a while for me to achieve that, because I'm firstly not brave enough to put pictures of myself on my blog and secondly I don't have such a good camera and I feel like those ugly pictures will "screw up" my blog. I'm a little bit desperate! I'd love to hear from you guys what I should write about, and what you want to read and stuff.
Please help!


Longchamp Le Pliage

Lovely readers, I have a question for you! One of my friends and I are in love with this kind of bags. Check out this website if you want to know where you can buy them or what the different sizes and models are. (click!) But, back to the point, these bags are very expensive for us girls. So, I went searching on the internet for a look-a-like, but I couldn't really find one! Does one of you maybe know where to get a look-a-like bag ? The print isn't really important by the way, I just picked this photo from Google, I liked the print, but if I would really gèt such a bag, I would definitely go for a more "neutral" colour like brown or beige.
I hope someone can help us!
Let me know your favorite kind of bag, I'd love to know!

With love,

Outfit #9

Bonjour everyone! Even thought it's raining over here (it's like autumn) I'm sitting behind my desk with a big smile. I'm back from my holiday and I'm glad to be so. It was fun, and I really had a break from everything, but I got homesick and the weather was so dissapointing. I only went to the beach once, and even then it got chilly and I had to put on a shirt. This post is just to put up this outfit I fell in love with when I created this. I wish I had this stuff and I'm thinking about going to the shops and buy it, should I do that ? I don't know if I'm brave enough to do it! Normally I just wear leggings or jeans, so this would be a totally different thing! I will tell you guys about my trip later, now I have to go and take a shower! Tell me how your holiday's were and what you guys are up to the next weeks!

With much love and many bisous,

Paris, here I come!

Lovelies! We're getting ready now to go to Paris. It's a trip of approximately 5 hours. I have my little DVD player and my Gossip Girl season 3 DVD box thing. I am going to love it already, and it's just the trip! When we're in Paris we're going to fresh up in the hotel and after that we're going to discover the city! I'm so excited because I've never been there! I'll keep an eye out for all the fashionable girls around there, I'm so curious about the typical Paris-styles! I know for sure that I will see some stores and maybe buy some stuff, and don't worry, I'm planning on showing it to you guys very soon. Oh and just a littile thing, does someone know a place or a store in Paris that I just hàve to see ? Tell me soon, because when we go across the border my internet on my mobile phone has to be off, because otherwise it's going to cost me a LOT of money! So, I'm going to take a shower now! Guys, I really am going to miss this, please "vote" here on the left, because I really want to know what will bring you guys back on my blog!

All my love,

Outfit #8

Hi guys! So, tomorrow morning I'm leaving to France with my family (my mom and my dad). I am going to miss this, blogging and getting inspiration from all the great bloggers and stuff. My father is taking his laptop with him, so if there is any possibility to blog I will go for it! But I can't promise something so I'm not. I based this outfit on my temper. Sounds weird, but if I was going out today or something, I would totally wear this. I love wearing big loose shirts or blouses like this over a simple jeans. When I wear nailpolish, it most of the time is a colour that doesn't exactly go with the outfit but still isn't completely "wrong". Like this. The colour of the nailpolish is completely different to the other colours, but it still doesn't really "mis-match" right ? Let me know what you think about it! (please, do that because I love getting comments and I don't really get them that often, unfortunately). My suitcase is completely full and I hope it will close tomorrow morning!
I think I have to go and help my mom with packing. I'm sorry that this post isn't very inspirational or something like that! I hope you guys understand!

I hope you all have a great holiday and I will see your guys soon!
With love,

Roadtrip essentials

It's a little bit late, I know that. But I couldn't sleep and I just really wanted to blog. So, here I am, blogging. I wanted to post about something fashiony but I don't have any inspiration for an outfit actually, I'm so sorry! I tried, I really did! So, because I'm going on a roadtrip wednesday (to Paris, aaaah) I thought I would tell you guys about the things I HAVE to take with me in the car. So, I always grab a little bag. What I put in there ? All my beauty stuff ? No, but it's pretty similar. I'm talking about things like facial cleaning wipes. When I sat in a car for like 2 hours my face gets a little bit greasy and my under eye cirkels get darker and I actually begin to look like a zombie. Really. So, a refreshing wipe for my face is great because it gives my face a refreshing boost. Another essential is my lip balm, but that goes without saying ofcourse. I also bring a hand sanitizer with me. And my deodorant, ofcourse. I would also take a brush with me, but I can't really brush my hair, only when it's wet. Why ? I have curls. But yeah, defnitely bring a brush if you can, because it's nice to give your hairdo a "boost". A great solution for the zombie-thing, is to bring you little make-up bag. Like I said in one of my very first blogposts, many make-up isn't really a "do" when you're going to be in a car for like 10 hours. It gets all greasy and ugly. But, you can totally refresh your look with a little bit of concealer to hide your zombie-eye-cirkels and you can give your zombie-white-skin a nice touch-up with some blush or bronzer. You can also make your eyes "opener" and more awake with some lengthening mascara and some white shimmery eye shadow. Put the shadow right above the coloured part of your eye and in the "corner" right next to your nose. The inner corner. When you have bad breath or if you just want to refresh your mouth, you can always brush your teeth in the toilets at the petrol station thing. But, an easier way is to bring chewing gum or a mouth spray. I often get sick in the car. Not that I really have to throw-up, but I just feel uncomfortable. What I prefer to do in that situation is to take my iPod, listen to a nice, calm song and just drink a little bit of water, look outside and smell a nice scent. The last thing sounds weird, right ? But it's nice to smell something you like. I often take a cotton ball sprayed with my favorite fraguance with me. Is that really crazy ? I think so. I am actually. But maybe it will help you ? When you really get sick, al-ways take aspirin or some other medicin with you which will overcome that feeling. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions, tell me in a comment.

I really have to go now!
With love,


I went shopping today, with my lovely mom. We went to 'Rotterdam Alexandrium" and I bought some nice stuff I want to talk to you guys about. A few days ago my mom allowed me to shop online at H&M, and I already told you guys that my clothes and stuff might not be here before I go to France, so I went to H&M (the actual store) and bought some other things that I liked, so that I have a kind of "back up plan". I bought two crop tops. I will post a picture later. Another thing I've bought is a crochet top. I don't know if I pronounced that right. It's like a tablecloth, but a lot nicer. I'll post a picture if I don't forget. After we went to H&M I went to a drugstore to pick up some stuff I needed to take with me to France. Think about things like refreshing and cleaning face wipes, some lipbalms, a hand sanitizer and some coconut stuff for my hair and body (I adore the smell of coconut). I also bought a very cute cotton flower ring and some bow earrings. And yes, I had to face it, I bought two bikini's. They're just normal bikini's. The whole fitting proces wasn't as bad as it was last year, fortunately. I kept my head held high! Now, I have the most exciting thing to tell you. I saw these shoes on the internet and thought "I told myself a few years ago that I would never ever wear shoes like that". But, I fell in love with them, completely. I know that they're not very fashionable. I know that no one likes them. I never saw someone at my school wearing them, I actually never ever saw someone with these shoes on. Except for Bethany, she's a beautyguru on youtube (Macbarbie07) and she loves them. They looked very cute on her and I thought why not, and I ended up ordering them. I'm very scared that many of you think "Seriously, does she think they're cute?" but I really like them and I hope that you all still want to read my blog, even when I walk around with this shoes. I still love my heels and my flats and my Vans and my Allstars, but I simply fell in love with these shoes and maybe they're right, love makes us blind and do crazy things.

I'll talk to you guys as soon as possible!