My thirtieth post

Lovely someone who's reading this at this particular moment, welcome to my 30th post!
Not that I'm proud of it or that I'm now going to buy a big cake or something, I just noticed it.
Well, today I don't have very exciting news. Tomorrow I'm going on my little trip I told you guys about. I thought that I would go today, but my other grandmother (my father's mom) is coming for dinner today, so we're leaving tomorrow. I actually can't wait, the weatherforcast loves me so the sun will shine the next few days! And that's lovely because this SUMMER I haven't seen much sunlight.. yeah. So, I made an outfit on Polyvore today, inspired on having a casual day. But, a casual day when you still have to look a kind of chic because that's something you just do when family comes over. Unless I do, because I want them to be proud at me, I guess, or something, I don't know I'm just blathering right now. So I'm wearing my light denim blouse today (which is very long so I can wear it as a sort of dress) with some leggings and ankle booties. My hair is as curly as it always is and my makeup is just concealer, face powder, mascara and blush. Not very exciting. My grandmother wouldn't even actually care if I just had some sweatpants on. I'm going to write something in my jar of notes because this is more like a me-blog than a fashionblog right now!

All my love,
ps ; I'm happier today!

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  1. Love the nude colors and the green colored nail polish-- very unexpected