Outfit #8

Hi guys! So, tomorrow morning I'm leaving to France with my family (my mom and my dad). I am going to miss this, blogging and getting inspiration from all the great bloggers and stuff. My father is taking his laptop with him, so if there is any possibility to blog I will go for it! But I can't promise something so I'm not. I based this outfit on my temper. Sounds weird, but if I was going out today or something, I would totally wear this. I love wearing big loose shirts or blouses like this over a simple jeans. When I wear nailpolish, it most of the time is a colour that doesn't exactly go with the outfit but still isn't completely "wrong". Like this. The colour of the nailpolish is completely different to the other colours, but it still doesn't really "mis-match" right ? Let me know what you think about it! (please, do that because I love getting comments and I don't really get them that often, unfortunately). My suitcase is completely full and I hope it will close tomorrow morning!
I think I have to go and help my mom with packing. I'm sorry that this post isn't very inspirational or something like that! I hope you guys understand!

I hope you all have a great holiday and I will see your guys soon!
With love,

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