Outfit #9

Bonjour everyone! Even thought it's raining over here (it's like autumn) I'm sitting behind my desk with a big smile. I'm back from my holiday and I'm glad to be so. It was fun, and I really had a break from everything, but I got homesick and the weather was so dissapointing. I only went to the beach once, and even then it got chilly and I had to put on a shirt. This post is just to put up this outfit I fell in love with when I created this. I wish I had this stuff and I'm thinking about going to the shops and buy it, should I do that ? I don't know if I'm brave enough to do it! Normally I just wear leggings or jeans, so this would be a totally different thing! I will tell you guys about my trip later, now I have to go and take a shower! Tell me how your holiday's were and what you guys are up to the next weeks!

With much love and many bisous,

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