Paris, here I come!

Lovelies! We're getting ready now to go to Paris. It's a trip of approximately 5 hours. I have my little DVD player and my Gossip Girl season 3 DVD box thing. I am going to love it already, and it's just the trip! When we're in Paris we're going to fresh up in the hotel and after that we're going to discover the city! I'm so excited because I've never been there! I'll keep an eye out for all the fashionable girls around there, I'm so curious about the typical Paris-styles! I know for sure that I will see some stores and maybe buy some stuff, and don't worry, I'm planning on showing it to you guys very soon. Oh and just a littile thing, does someone know a place or a store in Paris that I just hĂ ve to see ? Tell me soon, because when we go across the border my internet on my mobile phone has to be off, because otherwise it's going to cost me a LOT of money! So, I'm going to take a shower now! Guys, I really am going to miss this, please "vote" here on the left, because I really want to know what will bring you guys back on my blog!

All my love,

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