Roadtrip essentials

It's a little bit late, I know that. But I couldn't sleep and I just really wanted to blog. So, here I am, blogging. I wanted to post about something fashiony but I don't have any inspiration for an outfit actually, I'm so sorry! I tried, I really did! So, because I'm going on a roadtrip wednesday (to Paris, aaaah) I thought I would tell you guys about the things I HAVE to take with me in the car. So, I always grab a little bag. What I put in there ? All my beauty stuff ? No, but it's pretty similar. I'm talking about things like facial cleaning wipes. When I sat in a car for like 2 hours my face gets a little bit greasy and my under eye cirkels get darker and I actually begin to look like a zombie. Really. So, a refreshing wipe for my face is great because it gives my face a refreshing boost. Another essential is my lip balm, but that goes without saying ofcourse. I also bring a hand sanitizer with me. And my deodorant, ofcourse. I would also take a brush with me, but I can't really brush my hair, only when it's wet. Why ? I have curls. But yeah, defnitely bring a brush if you can, because it's nice to give your hairdo a "boost". A great solution for the zombie-thing, is to bring you little make-up bag. Like I said in one of my very first blogposts, many make-up isn't really a "do" when you're going to be in a car for like 10 hours. It gets all greasy and ugly. But, you can totally refresh your look with a little bit of concealer to hide your zombie-eye-cirkels and you can give your zombie-white-skin a nice touch-up with some blush or bronzer. You can also make your eyes "opener" and more awake with some lengthening mascara and some white shimmery eye shadow. Put the shadow right above the coloured part of your eye and in the "corner" right next to your nose. The inner corner. When you have bad breath or if you just want to refresh your mouth, you can always brush your teeth in the toilets at the petrol station thing. But, an easier way is to bring chewing gum or a mouth spray. I often get sick in the car. Not that I really have to throw-up, but I just feel uncomfortable. What I prefer to do in that situation is to take my iPod, listen to a nice, calm song and just drink a little bit of water, look outside and smell a nice scent. The last thing sounds weird, right ? But it's nice to smell something you like. I often take a cotton ball sprayed with my favorite fraguance with me. Is that really crazy ? I think so. I am actually. But maybe it will help you ? When you really get sick, al-ways take aspirin or some other medicin with you which will overcome that feeling. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions, tell me in a comment.

I really have to go now!
With love,

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