I went shopping today, with my lovely mom. We went to 'Rotterdam Alexandrium" and I bought some nice stuff I want to talk to you guys about. A few days ago my mom allowed me to shop online at H&M, and I already told you guys that my clothes and stuff might not be here before I go to France, so I went to H&M (the actual store) and bought some other things that I liked, so that I have a kind of "back up plan". I bought two crop tops. I will post a picture later. Another thing I've bought is a crochet top. I don't know if I pronounced that right. It's like a tablecloth, but a lot nicer. I'll post a picture if I don't forget. After we went to H&M I went to a drugstore to pick up some stuff I needed to take with me to France. Think about things like refreshing and cleaning face wipes, some lipbalms, a hand sanitizer and some coconut stuff for my hair and body (I adore the smell of coconut). I also bought a very cute cotton flower ring and some bow earrings. And yes, I had to face it, I bought two bikini's. They're just normal bikini's. The whole fitting proces wasn't as bad as it was last year, fortunately. I kept my head held high! Now, I have the most exciting thing to tell you. I saw these shoes on the internet and thought "I told myself a few years ago that I would never ever wear shoes like that". But, I fell in love with them, completely. I know that they're not very fashionable. I know that no one likes them. I never saw someone at my school wearing them, I actually never ever saw someone with these shoes on. Except for Bethany, she's a beautyguru on youtube (Macbarbie07) and she loves them. They looked very cute on her and I thought why not, and I ended up ordering them. I'm very scared that many of you think "Seriously, does she think they're cute?" but I really like them and I hope that you all still want to read my blog, even when I walk around with this shoes. I still love my heels and my flats and my Vans and my Allstars, but I simply fell in love with these shoes and maybe they're right, love makes us blind and do crazy things.

I'll talk to you guys as soon as possible!

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