Vintage looks and oversized sweaters

I was reading the Glamour and the Cosmopolitan, and I discovered a new trend coming up. I don't know what it's called, but I know I want to have this item in my closet this year. It's a sweater. Yes, it is. But not just a sweater, an oversized, knitted one. I've seen great designer pieces and I simply fell in love with it. It's not very "summery" so I think you'd have to wait wearing this kind of thing till fall is sneaking in. Now I'm going to show you some Polyvore-picks in this kind of "style". And I wanted to tell you guys that I will be going to some vintage stores this week, or next week, I don't know yet but I will be going and I hope I will pick up some exclusive and great stuff, I'll keep you guys updated on that!

1. A big, loose fitting sweater like I was talking about!
2. A knitted scarf. With that, you can never go wrong! But, watch it, you don't want your outfit to be to much "knitted".
3. Again, a big oversized sweater. This is more a cropped-sweater-thing. I would wear a fun coloured tank top under it, to spice it all up.
4. This is a "crochet" sweater. I think this is looking very vintage.
5. Some old looking Chanel earrings, I think they're adorable.
6. OPI Nailpolish in the shade I have no idea, I wish I knew I'm so sorry. But, every old looking colour will do when you're going vintage.
7. Sweater number 4, last but not least. This also is a cropped one!
8. This isn't particularily (?) a vintage looking ring, but it will definitely go with the earrings, right?
9. And a little leather clutch-bag-type-of-thing, adorable.

With all my love,

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