An idea I've been thinking about

Lovely readers!
I decided that I am going to make a recipe blog thing. Would you guys like that ? Because I'm always busy with being healthy and eating healthy, I thought that I could make a recipe blog with healthy snacks or healthy school lunches? Let me know what you guys think! (I think I will be doing it anyways, but I have to think about what to make and when to do it) . Maybe you guys have some ideas ? Share them with meeee please! You don't have to leave a comment, you can also send me a twitter-message or a message on facebook or just come to me at school (yeah this is for the girls who now know I'm talking about them, hi girls).
Anyways, I'm going to have dinner now I guess, 'cause I smell some delicious things.

Much love,

Healthy nuts and a kiss necklace

Hello beautiful people out there.That was a stupid beginlinething, but I don't really have inspiration to come up with something nicer.
The weather over here is amazingly bad. It's like walking through a nightmare but worse. Well no it's not that bad, but it's just dark and rainy. It's obviously better than in New York, where hurricane Irene is at this moment I think. I hope it will be just fine, I hope no one will get hurt or get homeless or die or something, I just hope it will be fine. I will be scared as hell. But I'm going to talk about happy things now. Today my mom and I went grocery shopping and I bought a bag of nuts. In Dutch it's called "Studentenhaver" and it's a mix of raisins, dried fruit, almonds and walnuts. I made a picture with my mobile phone so I can show you guys.

So, tonight I'm going to watch a movie in my new room with two friends of mine. And for them I bought patato chips and stuff but because I'm trying to lose weight and stuff I'll eat my nut-mix and little sweet tomatoes. I guess they're going to laugh at me (as friends) but I don't care, I just want to keep trying.

When my mom and I were wandering around in a store, looking at my favorite brand of clothes (remember ? Maison Scotch) the saleswoman recognized that I was wearing one of the necklaces who come with all the shirts. She asked me if I already had one with little lips. I don't have that one so I said no. Then she took her wallet out of her pocket and gave me the necklace for free! She said she had bought one of the blouses but she wasn't planning to wear the necklace and she thought that she could make someone else happy with it! So, that "someone else" is me right now! It's so cute! The only thing is that it's a short necklace, and the other ones I have are a bit longer. But, I adore it anyways! I'll make a picture with my mobile phone, wait a sec (not that you really have to wait right now but it automatism to say). Oh it's not working right now but I will post the pictures as soon as possible.

Right now I'm going to help my mom cook, my job is to make the salad so I'm going to boil the eggs and slice the tomatoes!

Much love and have a great saturday evening!
Going out ?


Random things that make me happy

Good evening lovely boys, girls and aliens.
So, I wanted to put up a post, but I don't have anything fashionable to show or tell you guys! So I thought I'd tell you guys about some little things which make me happy!
First of all, my little black cat (Pucky) makes me happy! She always curles up on my lap or sits next to me on my desk when I have to make homework! She even takes walks with me, and that's not a joke! When I go outside for a little walk, she always follows me around! She's such a cutie.
The second thing are my friends, of-course, that's a kind of a cliché I guess. Ofcourse my family also makes me happy, another cliché. So here are some more cliché things.
The sun, music, singing, taking a bath/shower, that moment when I'm almost falling asleep, chocolate which I don't eat anymore, that day when everything goes like you hoped, getting new shoes, blogging, eating, that moment when you're laughing so hard that you're stomach is hurting and you can barely breath, a boiled egg on Sunday's, Sunday-breakfasts, a nothing-day, a me-time-day, that moment when you realize that you're going to do a very exciting thing tomorrow and you get a little butterfly in your belly, being in love (which I am not by the way, unfortunately..) hearing my friend(s) play the guitar, hearing my friend(s) sing, helping others with something, dancing, going out (which I don't really dare to do, an unfortuante thing again) lovely pictures which remind you of a perfect moment in your life, getting the opportunity to make a fresh new start, seeing your friends and family be healthy and happy, knowing that I didn't snack for a while now (even though I do not lose any weight, which makes me very very very sad) getting a good grade, getting compliments and giving them, cookies, Ben & Jerry's icecream, popcorn, just any kind of food-thing which are not good for you (after I ate such things I'm not happy anymore actually) polishing my nails, getting ready for a special occasion like a party or a "date" with someone, hearing my phone ring, so, getting a message or getting called, sunrise and sunset, watching the stars with someone you care about, buying new clothes or jewelry or shoes or something, hot chocolat (especially when it's winter and you've been outside in the cold for a while) sitting next to the fireplace, watching my favorite movie, making an outfit on Polyvore, watching beautyguru's on Youtube, reading other blogs, getting and giving hugs! etc.
I don't want to stop thinking about things which make me happy, especially now 'cause I feel like a sad, grumpy zombie. Anyways, I guess I have to stop 'cause otherwise this post will be just too long!

this picture comes from we heart it, I didn't make it myself!

Let me know what makes you happy! If you have any tips to make me any happier, they're very welcome!
Have a lovely weekend <3

Back to school!

Goodmorning lovelies!
Today I'm going to school! I don't know what I'm going to wear  yet but my shoes already arrived yesterday so if the weather likes me today than I'll definitely wear them!
My mom came out of her bed right now and already has tells me to do this and this and that and blablabla.. pfff I have to go now!

Pop-up blog

And there I am again, writing a blogpost about whatever pops into my head! The first thing is the weather, which is very very very bad over here. Rain, rain, rain and rain, that's all I see when I look outside. My cat (called Pucky) is lying under a sort of tree and she doesn't want to come inside, she's so cute. Anyways, I hope tomorrow the weather will be better, because I have to go to school again! I will begin with gymnastics, so that's a good start to get to know the boys and girls who are in the same class as I am. And I don't have to go to school early, so I am call myself very lucky!
Second pop-up is that my shoes will arrive tomorrow and I am so excited because I just love them.
Third thing, hmmm, maybe my nailcolourthing. I have a lovely nailpolish on my nails, and because my nails are very short, it hasn't like chipped yet. So, the colour is called "I sea you" and it's a mix between green and blue. I think the colour fits the weather perfectly. Well, maybe not perfectly 'cause that would have to be grey, but I like it thought. Oh, today my friend Michelle is coming over, so we can have a sort of a beauty day with nailpolish and bodybutters and face masks and stuff, just so that we look our best on the first day of school! It just sucks that there's so much rain, because I always have to go to school by bike, so I will get soaked and my hair will "fluff" like crazy and my make-up wouldn't even be near my eyes anymore and stuff, it's horrible! But I'll survive, I guess, I hope.. Right. Next pop-up-subject is my room! I'm not really used to it yet but I love it. It's very different and the smell is different and stuff, but I love to have a new place. It just looks more "mature" right now. First my room was full of colours. Especially red and orange. And believe me, I was getting crazy! Now my room is dark (very dark) brown, a sandy colour and olive green. Well, my pop-ups won't come anymore, I guess I'm totally out of inspiration! I'm going upstairs to make my bed and jump under the shower!

Bye lovely reader(s),

Back to school time!

Good morning! Today is my first day of school. Well it's not the first real schoolday, because tomorrow I'll be free again and then wednesday everything starts again. Today is like the opening of the year or something.
Anyways, I just made an outfit on Polyvore and I wanted to share that with you guys!
And what I wanted to do also was just sit here and "talk".
I'm so nervous, I don't know why but it's killing me! Last night I slept and then woke up and then fell asleep again and after 10 minutes I'd wake up again, it was horrible. I have plenty of time left now because I have to leave at 10 past 2 but yeah, I don't know, I'm just nervous and I drop everything and I hurt myself all the time. It's so weird. This is my fifth year in high school and when I first got in there, I thought that those people who were in their 5th or 6th year were so old and smart and stuff. Now I am such an old and smart girl, but I don't feel very old or smart or stuff. I just feel like the same little girl. In december I will be 17 and I can't really believe that yet. Anyways, I will have to choose my outfit for today and I already know I'm going to have problems with that.. I probably will try on my whole closet!
Does anyone of you have the same problem ? I think you guys do!
I have to go now, getting ready for school!

Wish me luck and much love,

My not-so-blue suede shoes!

Good evening lovely people out there!
So, here I am again! With some exciting news ; my room is finally finished! Except for my curtains but those will be deliverd tomorrow or the day after tomorrow! I am SO excited! And as you guys may all guess, I don't have any good pictures yet! I made some, but the lighting is really bad because my wall is olive green and stuff, it just won't work but I'll figure something out!
So, today was my last day of the summervacation and I am sad. And nervous because tomorrow I will hear who I will be in class with this year! I really hope it will turn out to be a great year and stuff!
Today I went on a trip with a boat. The boat is from my aunt and uncle, and we made a lovely trip with my family and stuff, we had a great time! The funny thing is, a while ago, in May I guess, I went shopping with my mom and saw a pair of heels I fell in love with, but my feet didn't fit in them. But, today, my cousin was wearing the exact same shoes! And because she had them for a while, my feet did fit! And now I'm going to order them online and she will walk in them for a few hours so that my feet will fit and I - am - so - extremely - happy! I will post a picture!
Anyways, I am going to sleep soon I think because I'm not feeling very well and tomorrow I have to go to school again and stuff so I think it will be a good idea to go to bed!
I love you guys (not that I really know who is reading this, but I still love to write so I just continue)

Sleep well,

I'm back

Hello lovely readers!
So yesterday I came back from my trip to Utrecht with the girls, and we had so much fun!
We had to bike there, and we were totally lost and when we finally arrived there, we found out that there was like a prostitute area near the campsite where we were sleeping. The next day we went shopping and we actually had to drive along the road where all the prostitutes like, did their jobs.. I don't know what to say but I was shocked, and so where the 8 other girls. There were man driving in cars with baby seats and stuff, it wasn't a lot of fun driving along that road as you may have noticed. Anyways, we had a great time!
I've learned so much because I now know how to "put on" a tent and how to improvise with meals and stuff. I made some pictures so I'll put them in this blogpost.
Tonight I'll be going to a sweet 16 party from 2 of my friends. The partytheme is "pink" and I actually have a problem 'cause I never ever wear something pink! So I thought I could paint my nails pink, but then I found out that I had a new nailcolour ( I sea you from Catrice ) and I really wanted to put that on my nails.. I still have to think about what I'm going to wear but I think it will be just fine tonight!
In a few minutes I'm going to pick up my bike which is still standing by one of my friends.
It's very busy and noisy around here right now because my mom is cleaning the house, my dad is running around with stuff and the "window cleaner" is cleaning all the windows and I'm actually getting very nervous because I can't do anything because my nails are still wet!
Oh I almost forgot to tell you guys about a new jacket vest thing I bought in Utrecht! It's a baseball jacket thing. I have to say, they are not really fashionable and I know that, but it's so comfy and I just love to put it on when it's chilly or when I have such a day when I don't have enough inspiration to put on a fashionable outfit or something! And I just love it!

on our way!

the weather was lovely!

the campsite thing

me and my lovely friend Michelle in Utrecht

I'll talk to you guys very soon!
Much love,

It's take your own toiletpaper time!

I am SO excited right now! We're leaving today, me and the 8 other girls! Some of us, including me, are going by bike. Which means ; 3,5 hours on a bike. Fortunately the weather likes us today so we're not expecting rain or something! It still is a little bit cloudy thought, but I think we'll survive that right?!
So for the coming few days I won't be posting anything I think. Maybe a little tiny update from my mobile phone but don't look out for it or something because I don't know if I'll find the time! Anyways, I just wanted to post this picture because I found it on we heart it (click!) and it was just like love on first sight!
Bye guys, "see" you next week!


ps ; if someone who knows that I'm talking about her right now, reads this ; I'm so sorry, again. I'll never ever post something like that again! It was wrong and I learned my lesson! Big hug!

Sunday sunday

Hello everyone. I just made an outfit on Polyvore, so that's what I wanted to post. And I don't have a lot of time because my friend is coming over today so I have to get ready and stuff! Anyways, I wanted to post this outfit and tell you guys that I'll be gone for a few days. I'm going on a little trip with 8 lovely ladies so that's why! I'll make pictures, I promise! (I like, al-ways promise things about pictures and I know I'm sorry I just don't want to ruin my blog with posting weird and bad pictures. So, that's just why I don't post pictures! How are you guys doing ? Any plans for the coming week ?


It's decoration day!

Goodmorning guys! Today I'm going to Ikea with my mom and we're going to buy the decoration of my room. Like, the candals and little lights and pillows and pictureframes. I'm very excited but a little bit scary thought because I'm a perfectionist and I really want things to be perfect (which I find is a bad thing..) and so this is going to be a looooong day. I'll let you guys now what I've bought and I'll go and see if my lighting in my room is better today so I can make pictures for you guys!
I didn't make an outfit on Polyvore in such a long time but I just don't really have the time for it! Sometimes I begin with something and than I have to eat or I want to go and take a bath all of a sudden! Let me know what you want me to make an outfit about (is that even a good sentence?).
Tomorrow evening I will be going to one of the 8 girls that are going with me (well we're going together, they asked me if I wanted to join them, thanks again so much girls!) anyways, we're going to have a little meeting and then we're taking of on monday. With our bikes! We're going to bike for like 2 and a half hours (yeah pretty tough hm?) and I'm very excited about it! It's the first time for me going without an adult with me so I don't know we have like a responsibility for our stuff for our money and for eachother! But I know for sure we'll have lots of fun!
I have to go now, I hope you all have a great day!
Bonjour! I just finished my lunch and thought I should do a blogpost! So, yesterday I went shopping with my mom. We actually went to buy me some schoolstuff, but as you can expect we also bought other things. So, I wore my wedges. And yes my feet were killing me. It was getting worse and worse and my mom said that we would go and find me some cheap comfortable flipflops, so that I could switch my shoes. Well, I ended up falling in love with a pair of slippers that weren't very cheap. It are these Ugg ones, and believe me, I walk in them a LOT! I have them on right now! Even when I already had my pyjama's on yesterday I was still wearing them. They're simple, but so comfortable and soft. The fabric feels like suede but it actually is something else, but I don't know how they call it. The straps are leather and the "bottom" is made of rubber I think. This is what they look like!

I definitely recommend these shoes! Anyways, when we bought them, I ran into 2 of my best friends, Aron and Vincent, and me, my mom and the two guys had a drink. I had not seen them in a long time so it was much fun to see them again! After that, my mom and I went to a store that she's in love with because they have her favorite jeans. My mom and I have a very similar posture. We have "firm" legs and a narrow waist. And when I walked into the store I saw that they had the new collection of "Maison Scotch" which is my favorite! I picked out a pants and a shirt and ran to the fitting room. The pants were expensive and my mom said you're working now, and I know that you have enough money to buy this pants on your own! And so I did, my mom (as the sweetheart she is) bought the shirt for me! And now I have a completely new outfit! I also bought her favorite jeans but then 2 sizes smaller! It's a miracle, the jeans is a perfect fit!

So, I was very excited about the purchases I made. Do you say made ? Or is it something else ? I don't know, I hope you guys understand what I'm saying. Anyways, on to the other part of the story.
My room is almost done! My dresser, desk, chair ánd television are already in my room, now I still have to wait for my curtains and my shelves. Saturday me and my mom are going to Ikea and other stores to pick out some decoration and accessoires! I'm so excited! If there is a good lighting and when my camera wants to work again and make a nice picture, I will upload some pictures of my new room!


Random post about friendschip, watches and my first 'Too Faced Natural Eye Palette' experience

So it's guite a while ago that I posted a story, but I just haven't any inspiration! I really don't know what to talk about! So what I'm going to do today is just tell you guys everything that pops up in my head.
The first thing that just popped into my head is friendschip. I've been thinking about that a lot lately. I've discovered that many things changed for me last (school)year. Now I sort of have to start over. I still am friends with the girls and boys I've known for such a long time, but some get a boyfriend and totally turn their back on me and some just get new friends that fit them better. That understandable for me (is that even a word?) but it hurts though. But, because I believe everything happens for a reason. Well I didn't really believe in that untill this particular year. But, because everything happens for a reason, I have to be glad that I got some new friends! I also have two friends living out of the country. I have a friend in Madagascar who is actually coming back to Holland again, and I have a friend in Germany who I met on the beach last year. It's crazy because sometimes I have more contact with them than with friends I've known for so long. Especially now. So I wanted to give you guys a tip ; Look around when someone turns his/her back on you. When someone does that, it's not that they don't like you or that you did something wrong. It's just that there is "some" reason, and even when no one knows which reason that is, why it's better to look around and focus on other or new friends you have. Because when a friendschip is strong enough, it would have survived a boyfriend or a seperation. I'm still having hard times though, because some friends I do miss a lot. But I think it's better this way. And I think that it's my fault, not completely, but a part of it. Because I'm a very negative person and I really want to change that! So, that's what I'm going to focus on this year, my friends and being positive. Thank you, if you are one of those girls/boys to me, thank you so much, you guys definitely change me. I love you all.

So, this was a very sentimental thing, I hope you didn't fall asleep yet!
Anyways, the next thing that pops into my head is the watch I've seen that I'm in LOVE with.
I'm thinking about asking my parents if they would want to give me this as my birthday present in December. Together with my grandparents and stuff maybe. I know that it's a lot to ask for but I really do love it so much! It's a Marc Jacobs watch. I believe it's called a "Henry". It's the Rose Gold one, and it's adorable. I don't think that it'll go with every single outfit, but I still have my DKNY watch and my other one (which can be dark blue, orange, white, yellow or light blue) so I think it's going to work out. I'll post a picture.

The next thing that pops into my head is what I did with my make up today! In Paris my mom and I bought a Too Faced Natural Eye Palette. We were going to share it, but I actually kind of stole it from her. Haha, no I didn't she can always use it if she wants. Anyways, I don''t wear eyeshadow. I just don't. I think that it just doesn't suit me. But what I did today ; I used a colour called "silk teddy" (I'll post a picture) and used it as a eyeliner. I drew a line just above my lashes and I was really happy with the result. My eyes looked brighter and more awake! I'm definitely going to do that more often, if I'm brave enough.

Suddenly there are a lot of things that pop into my head, for example that I want to tell you guys about my "bath confetti". But I know that a little too much information (althought it has some kind of thing to do with beauty, right?) No no, that just a little too much.
Well, I have to go now! We're going to assemble (is that the word?) some of my new furniture.
Wish me luck!


This time of the month

Phew my stomach finally decided to be calm for a sec. It's that time of the month girls, and it's horrible. I feel like a balloon and every sad song or angry person makes me cry these days. So well, I decided to tell you guys what I do different when it's this time of the month.
Firstly, I don't wear jeans, I just wear leggings with a short or with a long shirt. Jeans are a little uncomfortable and leggings are soft and stretchy so for me it works a lot better. Another don't for me is to wear tight tops. I just love to walk around in the house with my men underwear. I have boxershorts which are actually made for men, yes I do. And you girls should buy them too, because they're really comfortable and really nice to sleep in or hang around in when you're having a day off at home. I don't wear them under my jeans or stuff, don't worry. But back to the point, I like to wear those with a big shirt but when I have to go out of the house, like today (we're going to buy my wall-paint-stuff, I'm very excited!) I just have to dress up, well not really dress up, but I just do go out of the house in my boxers and big tshirt right? So what I am wearing today is a big, this blue blouse from Mango with a black tanktop and a black legging underneath. And I'm wearing my linnen Herrlicher shorts. They're a kind of a sandy colour. With a little black belt around it. My blouse is "in" my shorts so my belly get's a lot of space to be all blown up. I think this post, by the way, is a disaster when it comes to grammar. My English today is not what it supposed to be, I'm sorry.
So I'm telling you what I look like, so I think you guys may think why doesn't she make pictures so we can actually see her outfit. Well guys you really don't want to see me right now. My hear is a mess, my face is.. well let's not talk about that and I just don't know but I'm not in a picture-mood today. My nails by the way, are still white. They started chipping this morning because at work I had to put folders in envelopes and it was killing my nails.. So I just put a new layer of white nailpolish on them. Updates about my new room ; my room is almost empty now. Tomorrow we're planning to paint my room (dark green and a sandy white) and yeah that's it, actually. Because of the whole "rebuilding" my house is one big mess. My father drops everything everywhere but in the right place and my mom and I are getting crazy about all the stuff lying around. I just finished cleaning one of my little closets with stuff like jewelry in it, and I am tired already.
My back is hurting really bad so I'm gonna go and lay on my bed or on the couch and do nothing for the next like 15 minutes!

Bye guys, sorry for the lack of fashionable things in this post!
With love,

Back in town

Hi lovely readers!
I actually have to go to work in maybe 10 minutes but I wanted to post some pictures from the last few days on the boat and tell you guys what I'm wearing! I have on my Vila pants, it's a flowered one, very loose and summery. Great for days like these, when it's too cold to wear a short and to hot to wear a tight jeans. So, on top I just have a black tanktop with a cardigan, it's a denim one and it has pretty detailing by the collar (?). So, on my nails I have just a white nailpolish and I actually really like it! On my wrist I have my Thomas Sabo bracelet with an "S" charm on it, which I wear e-ver-y-day. My hair is in a messy ponytail kind of thing and for make up I'm just wearing concealer, some powder, blush and mascara, that's it.
So here are some pictures I made and that's all I have to tell you guys for now, because I have to go to work!

With love,