Back in town

Hi lovely readers!
I actually have to go to work in maybe 10 minutes but I wanted to post some pictures from the last few days on the boat and tell you guys what I'm wearing! I have on my Vila pants, it's a flowered one, very loose and summery. Great for days like these, when it's too cold to wear a short and to hot to wear a tight jeans. So, on top I just have a black tanktop with a cardigan, it's a denim one and it has pretty detailing by the collar (?). So, on my nails I have just a white nailpolish and I actually really like it! On my wrist I have my Thomas Sabo bracelet with an "S" charm on it, which I wear e-ver-y-day. My hair is in a messy ponytail kind of thing and for make up I'm just wearing concealer, some powder, blush and mascara, that's it.
So here are some pictures I made and that's all I have to tell you guys for now, because I have to go to work!

With love,

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  1. Woei, het klinkt echt heel leuk! Ben benieuwd naar de foto's! Xxx