Back to school time!

Good morning! Today is my first day of school. Well it's not the first real schoolday, because tomorrow I'll be free again and then wednesday everything starts again. Today is like the opening of the year or something.
Anyways, I just made an outfit on Polyvore and I wanted to share that with you guys!
And what I wanted to do also was just sit here and "talk".
I'm so nervous, I don't know why but it's killing me! Last night I slept and then woke up and then fell asleep again and after 10 minutes I'd wake up again, it was horrible. I have plenty of time left now because I have to leave at 10 past 2 but yeah, I don't know, I'm just nervous and I drop everything and I hurt myself all the time. It's so weird. This is my fifth year in high school and when I first got in there, I thought that those people who were in their 5th or 6th year were so old and smart and stuff. Now I am such an old and smart girl, but I don't feel very old or smart or stuff. I just feel like the same little girl. In december I will be 17 and I can't really believe that yet. Anyways, I will have to choose my outfit for today and I already know I'm going to have problems with that.. I probably will try on my whole closet!
Does anyone of you have the same problem ? I think you guys do!
I have to go now, getting ready for school!

Wish me luck and much love,

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  1. Aww I hope you have a good first day! Nerves are horrible but once you get there you will be fine! Very chic outfit I love the shoes!