Bonjour! I just finished my lunch and thought I should do a blogpost! So, yesterday I went shopping with my mom. We actually went to buy me some schoolstuff, but as you can expect we also bought other things. So, I wore my wedges. And yes my feet were killing me. It was getting worse and worse and my mom said that we would go and find me some cheap comfortable flipflops, so that I could switch my shoes. Well, I ended up falling in love with a pair of slippers that weren't very cheap. It are these Ugg ones, and believe me, I walk in them a LOT! I have them on right now! Even when I already had my pyjama's on yesterday I was still wearing them. They're simple, but so comfortable and soft. The fabric feels like suede but it actually is something else, but I don't know how they call it. The straps are leather and the "bottom" is made of rubber I think. This is what they look like!

I definitely recommend these shoes! Anyways, when we bought them, I ran into 2 of my best friends, Aron and Vincent, and me, my mom and the two guys had a drink. I had not seen them in a long time so it was much fun to see them again! After that, my mom and I went to a store that she's in love with because they have her favorite jeans. My mom and I have a very similar posture. We have "firm" legs and a narrow waist. And when I walked into the store I saw that they had the new collection of "Maison Scotch" which is my favorite! I picked out a pants and a shirt and ran to the fitting room. The pants were expensive and my mom said you're working now, and I know that you have enough money to buy this pants on your own! And so I did, my mom (as the sweetheart she is) bought the shirt for me! And now I have a completely new outfit! I also bought her favorite jeans but then 2 sizes smaller! It's a miracle, the jeans is a perfect fit!

So, I was very excited about the purchases I made. Do you say made ? Or is it something else ? I don't know, I hope you guys understand what I'm saying. Anyways, on to the other part of the story.
My room is almost done! My dresser, desk, chair ánd television are already in my room, now I still have to wait for my curtains and my shelves. Saturday me and my mom are going to Ikea and other stores to pick out some decoration and accessoires! I'm so excited! If there is a good lighting and when my camera wants to work again and make a nice picture, I will upload some pictures of my new room!


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