Healthy nuts and a kiss necklace

Hello beautiful people out there.That was a stupid beginlinething, but I don't really have inspiration to come up with something nicer.
The weather over here is amazingly bad. It's like walking through a nightmare but worse. Well no it's not that bad, but it's just dark and rainy. It's obviously better than in New York, where hurricane Irene is at this moment I think. I hope it will be just fine, I hope no one will get hurt or get homeless or die or something, I just hope it will be fine. I will be scared as hell. But I'm going to talk about happy things now. Today my mom and I went grocery shopping and I bought a bag of nuts. In Dutch it's called "Studentenhaver" and it's a mix of raisins, dried fruit, almonds and walnuts. I made a picture with my mobile phone so I can show you guys.

So, tonight I'm going to watch a movie in my new room with two friends of mine. And for them I bought patato chips and stuff but because I'm trying to lose weight and stuff I'll eat my nut-mix and little sweet tomatoes. I guess they're going to laugh at me (as friends) but I don't care, I just want to keep trying.

When my mom and I were wandering around in a store, looking at my favorite brand of clothes (remember ? Maison Scotch) the saleswoman recognized that I was wearing one of the necklaces who come with all the shirts. She asked me if I already had one with little lips. I don't have that one so I said no. Then she took her wallet out of her pocket and gave me the necklace for free! She said she had bought one of the blouses but she wasn't planning to wear the necklace and she thought that she could make someone else happy with it! So, that "someone else" is me right now! It's so cute! The only thing is that it's a short necklace, and the other ones I have are a bit longer. But, I adore it anyways! I'll make a picture with my mobile phone, wait a sec (not that you really have to wait right now but it automatism to say). Oh it's not working right now but I will post the pictures as soon as possible.

Right now I'm going to help my mom cook, my job is to make the salad so I'm going to boil the eggs and slice the tomatoes!

Much love and have a great saturday evening!
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