I'm back

Hello lovely readers!
So yesterday I came back from my trip to Utrecht with the girls, and we had so much fun!
We had to bike there, and we were totally lost and when we finally arrived there, we found out that there was like a prostitute area near the campsite where we were sleeping. The next day we went shopping and we actually had to drive along the road where all the prostitutes like, did their jobs.. I don't know what to say but I was shocked, and so where the 8 other girls. There were man driving in cars with baby seats and stuff, it wasn't a lot of fun driving along that road as you may have noticed. Anyways, we had a great time!
I've learned so much because I now know how to "put on" a tent and how to improvise with meals and stuff. I made some pictures so I'll put them in this blogpost.
Tonight I'll be going to a sweet 16 party from 2 of my friends. The partytheme is "pink" and I actually have a problem 'cause I never ever wear something pink! So I thought I could paint my nails pink, but then I found out that I had a new nailcolour ( I sea you from Catrice ) and I really wanted to put that on my nails.. I still have to think about what I'm going to wear but I think it will be just fine tonight!
In a few minutes I'm going to pick up my bike which is still standing by one of my friends.
It's very busy and noisy around here right now because my mom is cleaning the house, my dad is running around with stuff and the "window cleaner" is cleaning all the windows and I'm actually getting very nervous because I can't do anything because my nails are still wet!
Oh I almost forgot to tell you guys about a new jacket vest thing I bought in Utrecht! It's a baseball jacket thing. I have to say, they are not really fashionable and I know that, but it's so comfy and I just love to put it on when it's chilly or when I have such a day when I don't have enough inspiration to put on a fashionable outfit or something! And I just love it!

on our way!

the weather was lovely!

the campsite thing

me and my lovely friend Michelle in Utrecht

I'll talk to you guys very soon!
Much love,

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