It's take your own toiletpaper time!

I am SO excited right now! We're leaving today, me and the 8 other girls! Some of us, including me, are going by bike. Which means ; 3,5 hours on a bike. Fortunately the weather likes us today so we're not expecting rain or something! It still is a little bit cloudy thought, but I think we'll survive that right?!
So for the coming few days I won't be posting anything I think. Maybe a little tiny update from my mobile phone but don't look out for it or something because I don't know if I'll find the time! Anyways, I just wanted to post this picture because I found it on we heart it (click!) and it was just like love on first sight!
Bye guys, "see" you next week!


ps ; if someone who knows that I'm talking about her right now, reads this ; I'm so sorry, again. I'll never ever post something like that again! It was wrong and I learned my lesson! Big hug!

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