My not-so-blue suede shoes!

Good evening lovely people out there!
So, here I am again! With some exciting news ; my room is finally finished! Except for my curtains but those will be deliverd tomorrow or the day after tomorrow! I am SO excited! And as you guys may all guess, I don't have any good pictures yet! I made some, but the lighting is really bad because my wall is olive green and stuff, it just won't work but I'll figure something out!
So, today was my last day of the summervacation and I am sad. And nervous because tomorrow I will hear who I will be in class with this year! I really hope it will turn out to be a great year and stuff!
Today I went on a trip with a boat. The boat is from my aunt and uncle, and we made a lovely trip with my family and stuff, we had a great time! The funny thing is, a while ago, in May I guess, I went shopping with my mom and saw a pair of heels I fell in love with, but my feet didn't fit in them. But, today, my cousin was wearing the exact same shoes! And because she had them for a while, my feet did fit! And now I'm going to order them online and she will walk in them for a few hours so that my feet will fit and I - am - so - extremely - happy! I will post a picture!
Anyways, I am going to sleep soon I think because I'm not feeling very well and tomorrow I have to go to school again and stuff so I think it will be a good idea to go to bed!
I love you guys (not that I really know who is reading this, but I still love to write so I just continue)

Sleep well,

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