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And there I am again, writing a blogpost about whatever pops into my head! The first thing is the weather, which is very very very bad over here. Rain, rain, rain and rain, that's all I see when I look outside. My cat (called Pucky) is lying under a sort of tree and she doesn't want to come inside, she's so cute. Anyways, I hope tomorrow the weather will be better, because I have to go to school again! I will begin with gymnastics, so that's a good start to get to know the boys and girls who are in the same class as I am. And I don't have to go to school early, so I am call myself very lucky!
Second pop-up is that my shoes will arrive tomorrow and I am so excited because I just love them.
Third thing, hmmm, maybe my nailcolourthing. I have a lovely nailpolish on my nails, and because my nails are very short, it hasn't like chipped yet. So, the colour is called "I sea you" and it's a mix between green and blue. I think the colour fits the weather perfectly. Well, maybe not perfectly 'cause that would have to be grey, but I like it thought. Oh, today my friend Michelle is coming over, so we can have a sort of a beauty day with nailpolish and bodybutters and face masks and stuff, just so that we look our best on the first day of school! It just sucks that there's so much rain, because I always have to go to school by bike, so I will get soaked and my hair will "fluff" like crazy and my make-up wouldn't even be near my eyes anymore and stuff, it's horrible! But I'll survive, I guess, I hope.. Right. Next pop-up-subject is my room! I'm not really used to it yet but I love it. It's very different and the smell is different and stuff, but I love to have a new place. It just looks more "mature" right now. First my room was full of colours. Especially red and orange. And believe me, I was getting crazy! Now my room is dark (very dark) brown, a sandy colour and olive green. Well, my pop-ups won't come anymore, I guess I'm totally out of inspiration! I'm going upstairs to make my bed and jump under the shower!

Bye lovely reader(s),

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