Random things that make me happy

Good evening lovely boys, girls and aliens.
So, I wanted to put up a post, but I don't have anything fashionable to show or tell you guys! So I thought I'd tell you guys about some little things which make me happy!
First of all, my little black cat (Pucky) makes me happy! She always curles up on my lap or sits next to me on my desk when I have to make homework! She even takes walks with me, and that's not a joke! When I go outside for a little walk, she always follows me around! She's such a cutie.
The second thing are my friends, of-course, that's a kind of a cliché I guess. Ofcourse my family also makes me happy, another cliché. So here are some more cliché things.
The sun, music, singing, taking a bath/shower, that moment when I'm almost falling asleep, chocolate which I don't eat anymore, that day when everything goes like you hoped, getting new shoes, blogging, eating, that moment when you're laughing so hard that you're stomach is hurting and you can barely breath, a boiled egg on Sunday's, Sunday-breakfasts, a nothing-day, a me-time-day, that moment when you realize that you're going to do a very exciting thing tomorrow and you get a little butterfly in your belly, being in love (which I am not by the way, unfortunately..) hearing my friend(s) play the guitar, hearing my friend(s) sing, helping others with something, dancing, going out (which I don't really dare to do, an unfortuante thing again) lovely pictures which remind you of a perfect moment in your life, getting the opportunity to make a fresh new start, seeing your friends and family be healthy and happy, knowing that I didn't snack for a while now (even though I do not lose any weight, which makes me very very very sad) getting a good grade, getting compliments and giving them, cookies, Ben & Jerry's icecream, popcorn, just any kind of food-thing which are not good for you (after I ate such things I'm not happy anymore actually) polishing my nails, getting ready for a special occasion like a party or a "date" with someone, hearing my phone ring, so, getting a message or getting called, sunrise and sunset, watching the stars with someone you care about, buying new clothes or jewelry or shoes or something, hot chocolat (especially when it's winter and you've been outside in the cold for a while) sitting next to the fireplace, watching my favorite movie, making an outfit on Polyvore, watching beautyguru's on Youtube, reading other blogs, getting and giving hugs! etc.
I don't want to stop thinking about things which make me happy, especially now 'cause I feel like a sad, grumpy zombie. Anyways, I guess I have to stop 'cause otherwise this post will be just too long!

this picture comes from we heart it, I didn't make it myself!

Let me know what makes you happy! If you have any tips to make me any happier, they're very welcome!
Have a lovely weekend <3

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