This time of the month

Phew my stomach finally decided to be calm for a sec. It's that time of the month girls, and it's horrible. I feel like a balloon and every sad song or angry person makes me cry these days. So well, I decided to tell you guys what I do different when it's this time of the month.
Firstly, I don't wear jeans, I just wear leggings with a short or with a long shirt. Jeans are a little uncomfortable and leggings are soft and stretchy so for me it works a lot better. Another don't for me is to wear tight tops. I just love to walk around in the house with my men underwear. I have boxershorts which are actually made for men, yes I do. And you girls should buy them too, because they're really comfortable and really nice to sleep in or hang around in when you're having a day off at home. I don't wear them under my jeans or stuff, don't worry. But back to the point, I like to wear those with a big shirt but when I have to go out of the house, like today (we're going to buy my wall-paint-stuff, I'm very excited!) I just have to dress up, well not really dress up, but I just do go out of the house in my boxers and big tshirt right? So what I am wearing today is a big, this blue blouse from Mango with a black tanktop and a black legging underneath. And I'm wearing my linnen Herrlicher shorts. They're a kind of a sandy colour. With a little black belt around it. My blouse is "in" my shorts so my belly get's a lot of space to be all blown up. I think this post, by the way, is a disaster when it comes to grammar. My English today is not what it supposed to be, I'm sorry.
So I'm telling you what I look like, so I think you guys may think why doesn't she make pictures so we can actually see her outfit. Well guys you really don't want to see me right now. My hear is a mess, my face is.. well let's not talk about that and I just don't know but I'm not in a picture-mood today. My nails by the way, are still white. They started chipping this morning because at work I had to put folders in envelopes and it was killing my nails.. So I just put a new layer of white nailpolish on them. Updates about my new room ; my room is almost empty now. Tomorrow we're planning to paint my room (dark green and a sandy white) and yeah that's it, actually. Because of the whole "rebuilding" my house is one big mess. My father drops everything everywhere but in the right place and my mom and I are getting crazy about all the stuff lying around. I just finished cleaning one of my little closets with stuff like jewelry in it, and I am tired already.
My back is hurting really bad so I'm gonna go and lay on my bed or on the couch and do nothing for the next like 15 minutes!

Bye guys, sorry for the lack of fashionable things in this post!
With love,

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