Hi sunshines!
I am bored. So, why not write a blogpost right? I am waiting for my friend, we're going to run, jog, however you may call it. Just like I did yesterday. It's very hot outside, again, so I wonder if I will look worse or better than yesterday afterwards. Anyways, in this little tiny blogpost I wanted to post some inspirational pictures which give me a great feeling (they're all from we heart it). That's actually all I have to tell you guys. Oh and that I have to do a lot of schoolwork the coming weeks so you guys won't hear from me a lot this week, I'm so sorry!
Lots of love and have a great and fashionable weekend!

Nailpolish fever

Good evening lovely read(st)ers -that's probably not a real english word but the Dutchies will understand-.
I hope you all had a great week with a lot of sunshine. Here in Holland we did have a lot of sunshine and tomorrow it will be sunny again! Lovely! It was a bit hot today though, I went "jogging", like, walking? Don't know what to call it but I was a sort of running, as a exercise, and my head totally looked like a tomato when I was back home and looked into the mirror. It wasn't sexy, for sure. Anyways, back to the point. Today I went shopping for like, a little hour, because my friend and I had to be back at school afterwards. But, I bought 3 nailpolish-things and I'm very excited about them. When I was in my Dutch class, a friend of mine, said that I should do a little shoplog about it! And because I appreciate her opinion so much ( I do!) I thought well why not ? I loved the idea! I had a little problem with the pictures because my camera only makes good quality pictures when the lighting is right. Guess what, is wasn't. So, the pictures are weird but you still can see the products. I hope you enjoyed reading this and I will write to you guys soon again!

Lots of love,

This is a polish I just bought because I ran out of my other top coat.
It's nothing special, just quick dry and stuff. I hope it will make my polish stay on longer without chipping!
I'll tell you guys if this product works.
Hema Top coat Ultra shine -  3,25

About this top coat I'm actually very excited! I heard about it once and I thought noooo that's not possible right? Making a shiny nailpolish matt? But, it does work! And I think it looks amazing.
It gives your nails a more 'adult' look, it's very feminim and neat. Adorable.
Hema Top coat Matt - 2,50

This is my favorite purchase! Don't you love all those rainbow colours and glittery sparkles? I am obsessed. I have it on my nails right now. Beneath it I just have a very light pink colour from Catrice called 'Just married'.
I heard about such a product and that is 'Happy birthday' from Deborah Lippmann. Also OPI has such a polish called 'Rainbow connection'. Both of those nailpolishes are a little bit too expensive for me. And actually, I don't even know where to buy them. I think Deborah Lippmann's polish isn't available in the Netherlands. Anyways, this caught my eye today and I just had to buy it.
Essence 02 'Circus confetti' - 1,79

A picture with the three products together.

Long time no see, and a question

Lovely readers (or myself, I guess)
It's a long time ago and I know and I am terribly sorry. It's just busy at school and I don't have any inspiration. I started this blog thinking that I would post outfit-things and telling you guys about my fashion things and life and stuff but honestly, my life isn't that fashionable and I guess I just look like any ordinary Dutch school girl. I get much inspiration by following other girls' blogs. But those girls 1) live in America. And for me it's like you seem much older over there. The girls who are my age make me feel like I'm a ten-year-old. And 2) most girls actually really are older. So, I don't look stylish, I don't use many makeup and I definitely don't have a great life to tell you guys about. I don't go to a "Highschool" with the little group of popular cheerleaders and the handsome sport-guys. I don't eat lunch at school. Well, I do, but we bring our own stuff. Which, most often, is bread with a slice of cheese. We don't eat warm food with eachother in one big cafeteria. Wish we did, that would be much fun! Anyways, I think I still have to grow up. And you guys are going to have to live with my boring stories and not so interesting outfit-posts from Polyvore I guess. What I do notice is that posting in English is great for me. I learn so much. Although, no one is telling me when I said something wrong so maybe I don't learn as much from this as I think but... yeah.
Allright, the question I have for you guyes is what should I do with my hair? My hair is brownish blond-like-something.. I don't know what to call it. It comes to my shoulders (which is long for me) and well, I have curls. Many. Anyways, I have had this "hair" for such a long time and I want to do something different!
Should I dye it ? I'm thinking about dyeing my hair dark brown/red. Or maybe I should only take highlights in that colour? I don't know, maybe I should get bangs? Please help? Here, by the way, is a picture, so you can see what my hear looks like!

Love and good luck with school and/or work this week!


Grrrr, I am SO frustrated. I'm getting stressed out! School and work and everything, it's so overwhelming! And it's even more overwhelming because I don't have something else to focus on. My life is like, the most boring thing in this world except for listening to your history teacher? I wake up, go to school, come back, make my homework, go to sleep and then that whole "train" starts over the next morning. And I also have to watch myself because I still didn't lose weight! It's so unfair you know, I
don't eat something else than vetgetables, fruit, yoghurt and dark bread with "light" products. It's so frustrating! Aaaaah. Anyways, the last two days were kinda fun 'cause I got to go to Den Haag with my schoolchoir and those girls are lovely and we had so much fun singing for Holland's prime minister today. Anyways, I just wanted to shout this frustration out. I'm sorry guys, I will post a inspirational or fabulous post soon, if I get a little bit happier and have more time!

Baby are you down down down down (I am)

Hello lovely readers! I'm sorry that it has been so long! This week is been hard and busy so far. Today I didn't go to school. I feel so weird. I'm totally cold and one minute later I look like a walking fire. I think I have a little fever. And I'm so tired. And I feel like I don't have anything to put positive energy out of. Everything is "grey" and I'm just so sad all the time, it drives me crazy! I still am trying to lose weight and even though I am doing a great job (I work out every day and I only eat healthy and low-fat stuff) I just don't notice any difference. It makes me so depressed. I can do my best but obviously it doesn't work for me. I wonder what I have to do to finally feel confident about my body and about myself. Pff.
Anyways, time for better and more positive news. Let me think about that! Tomorrow my musical-lessons are starting again! I'm so excited and I'm so happy to see all the girls again! This will be my second year and I still am a bit nervous about what I will have to do this year. And yeah, some other positive news, tomorrow my mom will be back home again and I can't wait, I miss her SO much! She already told me she bought me some things and it's so sweet! I don't need all those presents ofcourse, I just want her to be back home again! I also found this picture on we heart it and althought I don't live by these rules. I mean, that it is hard for me to think this way, I still love it 'cause it's just true.
Now I have to go 'cause I have to cook some pasta for my dad. I'm not eating tonight I think, maybe some yoghurt but my stomach doesn't really want me to eat something I think.

Bye guys!

Big sweaters, salad and nuts

Hello lovely readers.
So, I wanted to make an outfit on Polyvore today, but you can already guess what happend, I did not make it 'cause I didn't have any inspiration. What I did do, was fall in love with a oversized sweater. I already loved those things before, but I don't have one myself. I almost like every big sweater I see. Those boxy things, where you can totally cuddle up in. Well, I saw this one and thought "I need to have it!" and ofcourse it was like 1500,- dollars and yeah, I don't have that much money ofcourse. It's from Chlo√® so that explains a lot. I still wanted to post a picture of this lovely thing on my blog, just to show you guys what I really love for this fall/winter. The nuts-things, my dad bought me a bag of nuts. The same that my mom bought for me that day I was blogging about it and posted a picture. I'm so happy with that little bag, I wanted to shout it out on my blog so that's why. It's not that exciting, je sais. So, right now I'm sitting here listening to a very sad but beautiful instrumental song (I love piano-songs, do you guys know what I mean? Well, click here for an example). And, back to the point, I'm wearing my pyjamas. My hair is a complete mess and let's skip talking about my face 'cause it doesn't look very lovely today. Today is my I-don't-know-what-to-do-except-for-my-howework-day. Yeah I have those. Well, fortunately I will have something to do this evening! First I'm going to make a salad for me and my dad (and it just popped up in my head that I can do a recipe-post about that salad!) and after that one of my best friends is coming over to watch a movie with me!
For the coming weeks I will post that recipe thing and I will do a "roomtour" allright? I hope I'm not letting you guys down this time!

So, here is a picture of the sweater and I hope you all have a very nice and lovely weekend!


Yes, you've read the title right, mud. Today I have a classbuilding-day, and we're going to walk for 3 hours in an environment which only contains mud, sand and grass. So, I've put on an old legging, a big old daddy-tshirt and a vest. Actually, I look lovely! -no, that was a complete joke-. But today I'm going to take my chance and go to "school" without make-up on. Well, I do have some concealer and powder on but no blush or mascara. I do bring my mascara with me today, just in case I get uncomfortable or something. Anyways, wish me luck, I'll need it!
Much love,

Mornin' question

Goodmorning sunshines. Today, I have to go to school, obviously. But, I only have to be there at 12.00 so I got the change to sleep in, loved it! Althought I didn't sleep well 'cause I had a nightmare, again. I'm sitting here with my non make-up face and my big J'adore Paris tshirt. My hair is falling down like it's still sleeping and it smells like cocos, because that what my shampoo smells like. I love that! Anyways, I wanted to post a blogpost today just because I wanted to ask you guys if you feel confident without make-up? 'Cause, when I have make-up on, I almost look similar if when I do have makeup on. I just put on some concealer, powder, blush and mascara, that's all. I always watch girls on youtube putting on their make up and stoff, showing what they really like and making tutorials. I always wanted to try all of that stuff, but I think it makes me look fake, or exaggerated. I don't know. Sometimes I put eyeliner on but that makes my eyes look tiny and it feels like I'm angry all day long, which I'm obviously not 'cause I'm someone who doesn't like being angry or having a fight. Anyways, I'm getting of "subject".
 So, do you guys feel confident without makeup on?

I have to go now, I'm going to run on the crosstrainer, if that's what people call it in English.
Bye, have a great day!


Lovely readers, I'm so sorry that I didn't find the time to write a post about the healthy recipes and stuff. I didn't even find time to write about something else. Not that I have something exciting to tell you guys. So, this is another blabla-blog about everything which pops up in my head. First of all, I'm addicted to nuts. Yep, I am. Walnuts, almonds etc. I love them! And they're very healthy and good for you too, so nuts are great to get addicted to! Well, the past two weeks I've been busy with school. Not that I have so much to do. Well I do have a lot of homework to make but it's not the end of the world... yet. Do you guys ever had a crush on someone you didn't really know? Like, when you know what his/her name is and stuff, and when you catch eachothers eye you smile, but you don't talk to them or have their number? I actually think everyone has such a person in their lives right? The weather over here (by the way) is very weird. A few hours ago it was raining like a waterfall and it even thundered (is that a word?) for a while and right now, the "air" is grey but the sun is actally shining? In Holland you always get the strangest weather, believe me. Anyways, this really is a blabla-blog 'cause it doesn't have a point.
What I do want to share with you guys is that I love my family and friends. And that my mom is going on a little trip with her sister for a week, to Greece. And even though I'm very jealous, I am going to miss her so much! My mom is like, my best friend, and now I have to spend a week alone with my dad and I don't know how that's going to be because he always gets me like crazy! He makes stupid jokes and when he chews his food, it's like your sitting next to a cow. Really. I love him, ofcourse. But because I'm a "teenager" my dad and I sometimes get in little fights. So I'm very curious how the following week is going to look like. So with you guys knowing this about me and my situation, I don't really have something else to tell you guys. I'm leaving, going to help my mom with cooking dinner!
Let me know if you still want to see the recipe-thing and I will write you guys girls lovelies beauties aliens monkeys soon!

With love,