Baby are you down down down down (I am)

Hello lovely readers! I'm sorry that it has been so long! This week is been hard and busy so far. Today I didn't go to school. I feel so weird. I'm totally cold and one minute later I look like a walking fire. I think I have a little fever. And I'm so tired. And I feel like I don't have anything to put positive energy out of. Everything is "grey" and I'm just so sad all the time, it drives me crazy! I still am trying to lose weight and even though I am doing a great job (I work out every day and I only eat healthy and low-fat stuff) I just don't notice any difference. It makes me so depressed. I can do my best but obviously it doesn't work for me. I wonder what I have to do to finally feel confident about my body and about myself. Pff.
Anyways, time for better and more positive news. Let me think about that! Tomorrow my musical-lessons are starting again! I'm so excited and I'm so happy to see all the girls again! This will be my second year and I still am a bit nervous about what I will have to do this year. And yeah, some other positive news, tomorrow my mom will be back home again and I can't wait, I miss her SO much! She already told me she bought me some things and it's so sweet! I don't need all those presents ofcourse, I just want her to be back home again! I also found this picture on we heart it and althought I don't live by these rules. I mean, that it is hard for me to think this way, I still love it 'cause it's just true.
Now I have to go 'cause I have to cook some pasta for my dad. I'm not eating tonight I think, maybe some yoghurt but my stomach doesn't really want me to eat something I think.

Bye guys!

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