Big sweaters, salad and nuts

Hello lovely readers.
So, I wanted to make an outfit on Polyvore today, but you can already guess what happend, I did not make it 'cause I didn't have any inspiration. What I did do, was fall in love with a oversized sweater. I already loved those things before, but I don't have one myself. I almost like every big sweater I see. Those boxy things, where you can totally cuddle up in. Well, I saw this one and thought "I need to have it!" and ofcourse it was like 1500,- dollars and yeah, I don't have that much money ofcourse. It's from Chlo√® so that explains a lot. I still wanted to post a picture of this lovely thing on my blog, just to show you guys what I really love for this fall/winter. The nuts-things, my dad bought me a bag of nuts. The same that my mom bought for me that day I was blogging about it and posted a picture. I'm so happy with that little bag, I wanted to shout it out on my blog so that's why. It's not that exciting, je sais. So, right now I'm sitting here listening to a very sad but beautiful instrumental song (I love piano-songs, do you guys know what I mean? Well, click here for an example). And, back to the point, I'm wearing my pyjamas. My hair is a complete mess and let's skip talking about my face 'cause it doesn't look very lovely today. Today is my I-don't-know-what-to-do-except-for-my-howework-day. Yeah I have those. Well, fortunately I will have something to do this evening! First I'm going to make a salad for me and my dad (and it just popped up in my head that I can do a recipe-post about that salad!) and after that one of my best friends is coming over to watch a movie with me!
For the coming weeks I will post that recipe thing and I will do a "roomtour" allright? I hope I'm not letting you guys down this time!

So, here is a picture of the sweater and I hope you all have a very nice and lovely weekend!

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