Lovely readers, I'm so sorry that I didn't find the time to write a post about the healthy recipes and stuff. I didn't even find time to write about something else. Not that I have something exciting to tell you guys. So, this is another blabla-blog about everything which pops up in my head. First of all, I'm addicted to nuts. Yep, I am. Walnuts, almonds etc. I love them! And they're very healthy and good for you too, so nuts are great to get addicted to! Well, the past two weeks I've been busy with school. Not that I have so much to do. Well I do have a lot of homework to make but it's not the end of the world... yet. Do you guys ever had a crush on someone you didn't really know? Like, when you know what his/her name is and stuff, and when you catch eachothers eye you smile, but you don't talk to them or have their number? I actually think everyone has such a person in their lives right? The weather over here (by the way) is very weird. A few hours ago it was raining like a waterfall and it even thundered (is that a word?) for a while and right now, the "air" is grey but the sun is actally shining? In Holland you always get the strangest weather, believe me. Anyways, this really is a blabla-blog 'cause it doesn't have a point.
What I do want to share with you guys is that I love my family and friends. And that my mom is going on a little trip with her sister for a week, to Greece. And even though I'm very jealous, I am going to miss her so much! My mom is like, my best friend, and now I have to spend a week alone with my dad and I don't know how that's going to be because he always gets me like crazy! He makes stupid jokes and when he chews his food, it's like your sitting next to a cow. Really. I love him, ofcourse. But because I'm a "teenager" my dad and I sometimes get in little fights. So I'm very curious how the following week is going to look like. So with you guys knowing this about me and my situation, I don't really have something else to tell you guys. I'm leaving, going to help my mom with cooking dinner!
Let me know if you still want to see the recipe-thing and I will write you guys girls lovelies beauties aliens monkeys soon!

With love,

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