Grrrr, I am SO frustrated. I'm getting stressed out! School and work and everything, it's so overwhelming! And it's even more overwhelming because I don't have something else to focus on. My life is like, the most boring thing in this world except for listening to your history teacher? I wake up, go to school, come back, make my homework, go to sleep and then that whole "train" starts over the next morning. And I also have to watch myself because I still didn't lose weight! It's so unfair you know, I
don't eat something else than vetgetables, fruit, yoghurt and dark bread with "light" products. It's so frustrating! Aaaaah. Anyways, the last two days were kinda fun 'cause I got to go to Den Haag with my schoolchoir and those girls are lovely and we had so much fun singing for Holland's prime minister today. Anyways, I just wanted to shout this frustration out. I'm sorry guys, I will post a inspirational or fabulous post soon, if I get a little bit happier and have more time!

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