Long time no see, and a question

Lovely readers (or myself, I guess)
It's a long time ago and I know and I am terribly sorry. It's just busy at school and I don't have any inspiration. I started this blog thinking that I would post outfit-things and telling you guys about my fashion things and life and stuff but honestly, my life isn't that fashionable and I guess I just look like any ordinary Dutch school girl. I get much inspiration by following other girls' blogs. But those girls 1) live in America. And for me it's like you seem much older over there. The girls who are my age make me feel like I'm a ten-year-old. And 2) most girls actually really are older. So, I don't look stylish, I don't use many makeup and I definitely don't have a great life to tell you guys about. I don't go to a "Highschool" with the little group of popular cheerleaders and the handsome sport-guys. I don't eat lunch at school. Well, I do, but we bring our own stuff. Which, most often, is bread with a slice of cheese. We don't eat warm food with eachother in one big cafeteria. Wish we did, that would be much fun! Anyways, I think I still have to grow up. And you guys are going to have to live with my boring stories and not so interesting outfit-posts from Polyvore I guess. What I do notice is that posting in English is great for me. I learn so much. Although, no one is telling me when I said something wrong so maybe I don't learn as much from this as I think but... yeah.
Allright, the question I have for you guyes is what should I do with my hair? My hair is brownish blond-like-something.. I don't know what to call it. It comes to my shoulders (which is long for me) and well, I have curls. Many. Anyways, I have had this "hair" for such a long time and I want to do something different!
Should I dye it ? I'm thinking about dyeing my hair dark brown/red. Or maybe I should only take highlights in that colour? I don't know, maybe I should get bangs? Please help? Here, by the way, is a picture, so you can see what my hear looks like!

Love and good luck with school and/or work this week!

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  1. Lieeeve Stella,
    Waarom wil je je zo graag vergelijken met het stereotype amerikaanse schoolleven? Je zit op een heerlijke school, met leuke mensen & thank God geen vette, klamme schoolkantine-lunch. Daarbij hoef je je best niet te doen om in het juiste groepje te horen, want iedereen accepteert elkaar zoals 'ie is. Wat betreft je blog, als je jezelf ermee vermaakt, blijf het vooral doen! Als je het doet om anderen te pleasen en je er zelf ongelukkig van wordt omdat je het niet boeiend genoeg vind, stop er dan mee! Je moet alleen doen wat jou blij maakt :)

    Oh en je haar? Met krullen zou ik een pony afraden & met je haar (veel) donkerder verven zou ik ook uitkijken, want daar wordt je huid snel bleek van! Misschien moet je beginnen met leuke hairdo's uitproberen? Misschien vind je vlechtjes wel leuk of op een andere manier een speltje in of wat dan ook? Het is een begin...

    Oke, lange reactie dit, maar dit is even wat ik erover denk.