Mornin' question

Goodmorning sunshines. Today, I have to go to school, obviously. But, I only have to be there at 12.00 so I got the change to sleep in, loved it! Althought I didn't sleep well 'cause I had a nightmare, again. I'm sitting here with my non make-up face and my big J'adore Paris tshirt. My hair is falling down like it's still sleeping and it smells like cocos, because that what my shampoo smells like. I love that! Anyways, I wanted to post a blogpost today just because I wanted to ask you guys if you feel confident without make-up? 'Cause, when I have make-up on, I almost look similar if when I do have makeup on. I just put on some concealer, powder, blush and mascara, that's all. I always watch girls on youtube putting on their make up and stoff, showing what they really like and making tutorials. I always wanted to try all of that stuff, but I think it makes me look fake, or exaggerated. I don't know. Sometimes I put eyeliner on but that makes my eyes look tiny and it feels like I'm angry all day long, which I'm obviously not 'cause I'm someone who doesn't like being angry or having a fight. Anyways, I'm getting of "subject".
 So, do you guys feel confident without makeup on?

I have to go now, I'm going to run on the crosstrainer, if that's what people call it in English.
Bye, have a great day!

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