Nailpolish fever

Good evening lovely read(st)ers -that's probably not a real english word but the Dutchies will understand-.
I hope you all had a great week with a lot of sunshine. Here in Holland we did have a lot of sunshine and tomorrow it will be sunny again! Lovely! It was a bit hot today though, I went "jogging", like, walking? Don't know what to call it but I was a sort of running, as a exercise, and my head totally looked like a tomato when I was back home and looked into the mirror. It wasn't sexy, for sure. Anyways, back to the point. Today I went shopping for like, a little hour, because my friend and I had to be back at school afterwards. But, I bought 3 nailpolish-things and I'm very excited about them. When I was in my Dutch class, a friend of mine, said that I should do a little shoplog about it! And because I appreciate her opinion so much ( I do!) I thought well why not ? I loved the idea! I had a little problem with the pictures because my camera only makes good quality pictures when the lighting is right. Guess what, is wasn't. So, the pictures are weird but you still can see the products. I hope you enjoyed reading this and I will write to you guys soon again!

Lots of love,

This is a polish I just bought because I ran out of my other top coat.
It's nothing special, just quick dry and stuff. I hope it will make my polish stay on longer without chipping!
I'll tell you guys if this product works.
Hema Top coat Ultra shine -  3,25

About this top coat I'm actually very excited! I heard about it once and I thought noooo that's not possible right? Making a shiny nailpolish matt? But, it does work! And I think it looks amazing.
It gives your nails a more 'adult' look, it's very feminim and neat. Adorable.
Hema Top coat Matt - 2,50

This is my favorite purchase! Don't you love all those rainbow colours and glittery sparkles? I am obsessed. I have it on my nails right now. Beneath it I just have a very light pink colour from Catrice called 'Just married'.
I heard about such a product and that is 'Happy birthday' from Deborah Lippmann. Also OPI has such a polish called 'Rainbow connection'. Both of those nailpolishes are a little bit too expensive for me. And actually, I don't even know where to buy them. I think Deborah Lippmann's polish isn't available in the Netherlands. Anyways, this caught my eye today and I just had to buy it.
Essence 02 'Circus confetti' - 1,79

A picture with the three products together.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. aah, die essence nagellak is zo leuk!

  2. die 'matt' werkt idd echt super goed. die van mij is nu alweer op, dus moet een nieuwe halen. maar ik ben idd ook echt super blij met die! <3
    en die essence is ook echt super leuk! :]

  3. Goh, na het 3x geprobeerd te hebben staat m'n reactie er nog steeds niet bij, dus hierbij probeer ik het nog een keer:

    I like ittt! & i feel honored dat m'n ideetje gelijk is uitgevoerd, haha.
    Loveee, xxxx