Hello and good evening lovely readers I still might have.
I am sitting on my bed with my laptop on my lap thinking about something to write. It just popped into my mind that I still had to tell you guys something very exciting. So, I have a cousin. She is 26 and she has her own fashion company. She buys clothes from fashionlables and she sells them herself by giving fashion party's. So, if you are a girl who wants to throw a party including fashion for all of your friends? You can call her! Well, I guess you can't 'cause it's a little bit pricy for us teenage girls. But, now the most exciting part. She has a webstore. On there, she keeps girls and women like us updated what's happening in fashionland, lifestyleland etc. And guess what, who is going to write those blogs? well? yes, it's me myself and I.
I have never done such a thing before (I'm only sixteen) but this kind of things I would love to do when I grow up. So, I don't know if it's okay to tell you guys the website but I think it won't to my cousin any harm to show you right? So, I didn't write any of those blogs on there yet, but I will the upcoming weeks. So, check it out! Note ; if you aren't dutch, it will be difficult for you to understand. If you have any questions let me know.

This (click!) is the website.
I hope you guys like it as much as I do.

With love and excitement,

Bye guys!

Good evening!
So, I'm leaving. I mean, I won't speak to you guys again. No no no, not forever. I'm going to live under my lovely stone. Which means, I won't blog for a while because my week full of exams is coming up. And let me tell you, it's going to be a disaster. This week will be my learn till you drop week, and after that I will jump into everything! Kinda fabulous, isn't it? No, yeah I agree it isn't actually. So, in a few minutes my mom is going to help me with my German. I have a test tomorrow and I am very nervous actually, I just want to start good with German this year, because it's going to be much more difficult at the end.
Well, that was just a little life-update! So, if you are in the same boat as I am I wish you luck for the coming weeks and if you're not I hope you have a great life, no that was a joke, just have fun enjoy vacation if you have that this week and yeah, I'll talk to you in I think two weeks!


Work work baby

Lovely readers, if I still have them.
I am at work right now, the people I work with are having lunch right now and I'm still behind my desk to finish what I was busy with, and now I have like, maybe 5 minutes to write a little post.
So, this week I have "fall break". I have been doing some nice things with friends, but soon I have to start learning and stuff because I have a week full of tests coming up, unfortunately.
Tomorrow I will be going to "Den Haag" with some lovely girls! And the next day I am going to write a song with one of my friends who plays the piano like no one else can. And, in the evening, I am going out. Yes, me, I am going out. I'm nervous already! The past few weeks I went shopping with my mom so I will tell you guys more about that soon. I have to go now, this was a quick touch-up thing. Oh and if you feel like it, tell your friends about my blog, 'cause I would love to have some more people who read it. Not this kind of stuff, but I'm going to post more interesting things. I have a surprise for you guys, I'm going to work. Yes, I'm going to make blogging my work. But I will tell you guys later, really have to go back to work now!
Much love and kisses, enjoy your fall break if you are also having one!

Morning things

Good morning!
Finally, it's starting to look like fall over here. Not that I like that so much or something. Because I have to to go to school on my bike every day, I will have to go through a lot of rain in fall. That isn't something I love, you guys may understand that. Anyways, I have to go to school at 10.30 so I am up a little bit earlier so that I can go on the crosstrainer a little bit longer today. And with our gymclass we're going to a place called a "atletiekbaan". And I like that, well not very much, but it's not a disaster. But, it's rainy today so when it's raining it's a disaster for me, and my hair.. I wanted to write a blogpost about something but I realise I don't really know what that something has to be. Maybe I can tell you what I do in the morning? I think that's it than for today.

First, I go out of bed and go downstairs. I take the paper, 'cause yes I read the newspaper, and make my breakfast. My breakfast contains nothing more than a bowl of plain, low-fat yoghurt with All bran, which is a healthy cornflake brand. After that, I go upstairs and jump on the crosstrainer for 10 minutes. I know that doesn't seem long but it feels like an hour to me. Well no, maybe not an hour. During that I watch youtube beauty gurus or Gossip Girl, like I did yesterday. I love that, really adore it.
After that I go under the shower, e-ver-y morning. I brush me teeth blablabla, after that I pick out my clothes, put my make-up on, blow dry my hair, put on a fragrance and I'm out. That actually all I do. Most of the time in 70/80 minutes.

Well, I don't even have 80 minutes left now after blogging (I already ate but that's it) I should go!
Bye guys, have a great -rainy- day!