Morning things

Good morning!
Finally, it's starting to look like fall over here. Not that I like that so much or something. Because I have to to go to school on my bike every day, I will have to go through a lot of rain in fall. That isn't something I love, you guys may understand that. Anyways, I have to go to school at 10.30 so I am up a little bit earlier so that I can go on the crosstrainer a little bit longer today. And with our gymclass we're going to a place called a "atletiekbaan". And I like that, well not very much, but it's not a disaster. But, it's rainy today so when it's raining it's a disaster for me, and my hair.. I wanted to write a blogpost about something but I realise I don't really know what that something has to be. Maybe I can tell you what I do in the morning? I think that's it than for today.

First, I go out of bed and go downstairs. I take the paper, 'cause yes I read the newspaper, and make my breakfast. My breakfast contains nothing more than a bowl of plain, low-fat yoghurt with All bran, which is a healthy cornflake brand. After that, I go upstairs and jump on the crosstrainer for 10 minutes. I know that doesn't seem long but it feels like an hour to me. Well no, maybe not an hour. During that I watch youtube beauty gurus or Gossip Girl, like I did yesterday. I love that, really adore it.
After that I go under the shower, e-ver-y morning. I brush me teeth blablabla, after that I pick out my clothes, put my make-up on, blow dry my hair, put on a fragrance and I'm out. That actually all I do. Most of the time in 70/80 minutes.

Well, I don't even have 80 minutes left now after blogging (I already ate but that's it) I should go!
Bye guys, have a great -rainy- day!

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