Work work baby

Lovely readers, if I still have them.
I am at work right now, the people I work with are having lunch right now and I'm still behind my desk to finish what I was busy with, and now I have like, maybe 5 minutes to write a little post.
So, this week I have "fall break". I have been doing some nice things with friends, but soon I have to start learning and stuff because I have a week full of tests coming up, unfortunately.
Tomorrow I will be going to "Den Haag" with some lovely girls! And the next day I am going to write a song with one of my friends who plays the piano like no one else can. And, in the evening, I am going out. Yes, me, I am going out. I'm nervous already! The past few weeks I went shopping with my mom so I will tell you guys more about that soon. I have to go now, this was a quick touch-up thing. Oh and if you feel like it, tell your friends about my blog, 'cause I would love to have some more people who read it. Not this kind of stuff, but I'm going to post more interesting things. I have a surprise for you guys, I'm going to work. Yes, I'm going to make blogging my work. But I will tell you guys later, really have to go back to work now!
Much love and kisses, enjoy your fall break if you are also having one!

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  1. Wauw, ik ben benieuwd! &als ik dit zo lees kunnen we binnenkort een grote shoplog verwachten? ^^ haha

    Tot vanavond <3