Bad habits, coldness and fog

Hello lovely readers.
I actually have a lot I didn't tell you guys yet, so that's why I am going to do it right now! (a few things out of all those things though 'cause I don't have that much time) How does that sound? Yeah great I thought so. No that was a joke, if you don't mind what I'm up to this month and if you want to know how to make a healthy snack mini meal thing? Or do you want to know my opinion about the clothes at the EMA's? check my 'blabla in Dutch' page (click here!). Unfortunately, it's Dutch (obviously) but you can always throw the text on a translate-site-thing, right? But I don't really think that's necessary because the only readers I have are my own friends, so.. Anyways, I'm getting of topic.

Firstly, I want to confess something. I discoverd my many many bad habits. And yes, because nobody is perfect I thought I am just going to put all those things out there. So, here they come. I tend to..
- not use a basecoat when I'm painting my nails
- ignore those who are very special to me when I'm being grumpy and sad
- create an escape feeling when something gets too "hard" for me
- get grumpy very very very easily
- eat too much when I'm bored, sad, happy.. well, any time. And after that, I feel horrible.
- get very impatient
- give up too easily
- panic when I feel something unusual
- procrastinate difficult schoolstuff or other difficulties.
And so on.. I know most of this habits aren't really, like, bad, but I think I have to start changing some of them very soon before it gets out of hand.
Enough about the bad things, I hope I still have some good things in me, haha.

Coldness, yes, well.. It's started to be winter in the Netherlands. It isn't really snowing all the time or something, but you can't go outside without your warm coat, scarve and gloves anymore. And, it's getting much harder to go out of bed in the morning. When it's summer, I can easily jump out of bed and go on the crosstrainer without having any problems but right now, I have to "drag" myself downstairs and stuff. I am a winter-person though, I love the wintermonths, but only the lovely things. My birthday, christmas, the fun part of snow and ice, lying in bed with all the lovely smelling candles on and drinking hot chocolate with friends etc. I just love those things. But, on the other hand, I miss the sun really bad. I really, like, feel it! And about the fog, that's so scary, because today for example, I went for a walk with my dad and we didn't even see the other side of the river we live next to. It's like your walking in a cloud. It's very spooky, especially at night when it's dark.

So, with telling you guys all this I don't really updated you about my life but that doesn't really matter 'cause my life tends to stay sort of the same I guess? I do have something exciting to tell maybe, this wednesday. Cause at school we have a "musicnight" and I did my auditions this week and maybe I am chosen to be part of it this year but I don't know that yet, so I'll keep you guys updated.

Right now I'm going to help my mom cook dinner ; lasagne! mjum!
So, I hope you all had a great weekend and good luck this cold winter week of school!


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