Good afternoon lovely readers.
So, I survived those two weeks of books, stress and tears and now I have this whole weekend for myself. Which means, no homework and stuff. And yes, it feels great. Anyways, I'm waiting for a friend to come over so I thought why not write something on my blog. So, this is going to be a review kind of thing. A few weeks ago I bought my first Lush product, and it's a facial cleaning thing paste scrub something. It's called Buche de Noel. The texture is very weird and it looks like food, or mud, or well, it doesn't look like something you would use on your face that's for sure. But, it is made to put on your face and it makes it feel so soft you guys, it's unbelieveable. You take a little pea size on your hand and make it a bit wet with your fingers to turn it into a paste and than you make ciruclar motions on your face to scrub the death skincells of. You can let it sit there for a few mintues and than you rinse it of with warm or half warm water. I recommend patting your face dry with a towel in stead of "rubbing". Once you did all this, take your favorite moisturizer and rub that onto your face, because that gives your face that little extra protection because you just lightly scrubbed it. Believe me you guys, your skin will feel so soft!
What is your favorite Lush product?

Stella with the soft face.

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  1. Superleuk dit! Blij dat t bevalt :)
    Misschien tip voor de volgende keer om er een foto v/h product bij te doen?
    Keep up the good work honeeey,