Bye bye 2011

Hello lovely readers.
So, I'm just sitting here behind my desk again. I won't be partying tonight, I'm not all dressed up with special new year make-up. I do have a 'fancy' outfit on, just to feel a bit festive. You'd probably expect me to party all night with friends, but that's not what I'm doing. I'm sitting here, listening to music and overthinking the past year. 2011 was a bumpy year. It had it's downsides, which I'm not going to put out here. The positive things I AM going to tell you, ofcourse! Positive things in life are supposed to be shared, right? So, in 2011 I made some new friends. All of them are great in their own way and I'm blessed to have them (yes this will be a very sentimental post). I turned 17 and had a great party. My family is doing all fine, which also is very important. This year I made it to the next year in school, and I hope that 2012 will bring me to the next 'school-level' too. I started my blog, which I wanted for such a long time and I finally did it! Oh and I should not forget that this year, I finally lost some weight. Which might sound stupid, but I tried so hard for four years so I'm a bit proud that I finally did it. So, enough about 2011.

It is just an ordinary evening, but there's this little sparkle that brightens up the whole thing ; the start of something new. Although tomorrow will be like all those other days, it's the first of a new year. As we live our lives, we want to do the right thing. We want to love and be loved in return. We want to get high grades in school and make our family and friends proud. Unfortunately, that's mission impossible. There is no thing in this whole wide world which succeeds every single time. There will always be bumps and challenges we have to take to make things work and make dreams come true. This year was very bumpy for me and my family, but obviously we survived. We won't 'get in' the new year without problems, it will never be a completely fresh start. Besides, that's a good thing. Imagine, a new year with everything new? That would be horrible. A new home, a new school, most of all ; new friends? It's my worst nightmare to lose all of my friends with a new start. A new year doesn't mean a completey new beginning, it's a new chance. A new chance to make things work. New energy (unless that's what I try to get from this new year) to put into our friends, in school and for some in jobs, family problems (to solve them) and in their relationship.

I hope that you guys will all have a great ending of the year. At midnight I will make a wish for all of you, and myself, and all the people in the whole wide world, that 2012 will bring us happines, health and strenght to solve the problems and downsides we may have to conquer.

This was very sentimental, so now go and smile.
Bye guys, untill next year!

Second last day of 2011

Hi guys!
I'm just sitting here again, wanting to say all lovely things to you but I don't have anything to really tell you so I'm just blabla-ing about my life again. Today I went ice skating with my little cousin from Switzerland. I actually was a bit scared 'cause I didn't skate in so long and I never was really good at it. I didn't fall though. My cousin didn't either. She's six years old and she went faster than me. So, I'm kind of a loser, right? Yeah. By the way, the skates, which we rented, where orange. I looked so sexy you guys can't even imagine! After the skating adventure we had lunch together, which was fun also. I ordered a sandwhich with ham. I secretly stole some little pieces from my cousin's "kroket" which is a popular snack in Holland. I felt so quilty when I came home so I stood on the crosstrainer for like an hour?! No, less, but I did go! Which I'm kinda proud about. But not anymore now, 'cause I just had dinner. Yeah it's like nine o'clock I know but I went to the movies with my mom and dad and it was just during dinner time so we didn't ate something. Anyways, I just ate two brown little bread-things, one with just butter and one with ham and lettuce. But, now comes the thing, my mom and dad ate a sort of a pizzabread. I was just a bread with onions on it and it didn't even have that much calories. I didn't want to but I couldn't stop myself and I ate 2 little slices. Now I'm feeling quilty again so the crosstrainer will have some company again in a few minutes. It's not that bad to work out on that thing 'cause during the time I'm 'running' I'm watching my Gossip Girl dvd. Well, the movie I've seen by the way is called Nova Zembla. It's a Dutch movie about a journey to India around the middle ages. So, it was all drama and they even killed some animals. It's not my kind of movie but I really liked the story, it really impresses me. Is that a sentence? I don't even wanna think about that right now. Tomorrow, guys, it's the last day of 2011! And, I loved 2011. Well not at all times but that's impossible. I met some great people this year and I got so many new friends which became like, the best friends in one year or even less! I'm looking forward to the new friendships and new experiences 2012 will bring. Although, I'm a bit scared about the stories some people told me about the earth falling apart and stuff. But one of my resolutions for this year is less worrying, more having fun so let's start right now and not talk about those stories. Talking about fun, tomorrow I've a fun day! Firstly I'll jump on my bike to see one my most lovely friends. We're going to relax in our old ugly sweaters and just tell eachother what our resolutions our and stuff. After that I'm going home 'cause another friend of mine is coming over. Just a few little hours, but that's more than nothing right? And when it's 00.30, another friend (guys, I'm so thankfull for having so many friends) is coming over and she'll sleep at my place so, she's the first of my friends I'll see in 2012! Maybe that'll bring us luck? No no I'm just joking. My food is in my belly now (I waited a few minutes before I went on the crosstrainer 'cause I just ate and that's not a good combination) so I'll have to go and run for my life!

Seriously, and this comes from my heart and it's very cliché but I'm still going to say this.
Have a happy new year, make something out of it! It's your life and you can be who you want to be. Watch out with the firework stuff and be with the ones you love the most!

Have a very very very happy start of 2012!


Amazed and excited

Goodmorning guys!
Seriously, I've just downloaded Google Chrome browser and I like it a lot, but right now, my internet is checking my grammar-thing, and because I'm a dutch girl, everything is underlined now 'cause this obviously isn't written in Dutch right? So let me figure out how to fix this and I'll be back soon. You guys won't even notice actually but I just like to write that down. Allright I fixed it, yeah! I feel like a nerd. No that's a joke, everyone could easily do this. So, after telling you how amazed I am with this new browser, I want to bore you guys with life-updates. I guess you're already sleeping on your desk right now, so, sweet dreams. Anyways, today it's raining and cold and windy and all that kind of stuff. So, it's that kind of weather when you don't want to go out of bed to do something. I did, I went out of my bed, ate my breakfast, went onto the crosstrainer, took a shower and dressed up. Well, I didn't dress up I'm just wearing my beige trousers and my black Adidas sweater. A friend of mine is coming over in about 30 minutes, so that's lovely. I had planned so many things for this week and e-ve-ry little thing gets changed. I expected this day to be different, but I was glad my friend had nothing to do today otherwise I'd be alone. So, that gives me a smile on my face, even with this kind of weather. I always tend to go with the flow of the weahter. When it's raining, I'm sad. No not sad, more like grumpy. Maybe I just am a grumpy person, let's keep it that way then. I'm so glad it's turning 2012 this week 'cause I need a fresh start and that's what I will hope to get. I always write down everything that changed in the past year, in my diary. And on the next page I write down what I hope to be doing and what I hope would happen in the next year. It actually never really comes out, so, maybe I should work a little harder for that. I will be doing that this year, I promise.
So, for tonight I don't have any plans at all so I guess I will just jump into bed early for once this week, hahaha. I'm such a disaster with falling asleep, it takes me like, literally an hour to really fall asleep. Oh oh oh and I'm getting more excited for Bloguary every single day, but I'm worried 'cause my camera is just SO bad, I took it with me when I went to the movies with my mom, remember? So, I took some pictures but the colours are so bad and the pictures just, I don't know, they're not blog-worthy. Allright I think I have to go now I have to fix myself before my friend comes 'cause I look and feel like a total monster.

Bye guys, thanks for reading again!


I just woke up and ate my breakfast super super fast 'cause I wanted to blog before I jumped under the shower. And my mom is under it now, she slept in but that wasn't a great idea 'cause her friend will be here at 11.00 to go shopping with her and my mom is, how shall I say this, very slow (?) when it comes to preparing to go somewhere. I can prepare myself in half an hour if I have to, but I prefer an hour. I go under the shower for 15 minutes, get my head and hair ready by putting tonic and lotion on my skin and getting coconut stuff in my hair and after that I need half an hour to fully get ready with my clothes and with blowdrying my hair. So, I'm not very quick either but I'm faster than my lovely mom. Yesterday, we went to the movies, right? I loved it. It was so much fun to be at the cinema that late and the movie was great, it's a recommended movie from now on. Anyways, my mom calls me that she's ready with showering so I guess it's my turn now. But I want to finish my story first! My mom and I had a great time, the movie was romantic but a little sad and also very funny it was just amazing. Have you seen the movie Valentine's Day? 'Cause it was just like that one, adorable! Me and my mom both ordered a medium size salt popcorn thing and a bottle of water. I did feel quilty because of the popcorn (I'm still trying to lose some weight, or at least stay the same as I am right now) but I got over that because I thought ; it's vacation, I'm here with my mom, tomorrow I will be biking for an hour again and yeah it will be 2012 soon so a new fresh start, right? I have to go now!

Bye lovely people have a great day!

Outfit of the night

Seriously, I can't stop blabla-ing to you guys the last few weeks or someting. I just painted my nails so I have to be carefull. They're nude-pinkish, with a matt top coat finish. I bought this colour today and I just couldn't wait to paint my nails. And it's a great 'time killer'. Yes, I have to kill time, 'cause I'm going to the movies with my mom tonight at 21.45. The movie is called New Years Eve and what I've heard from it, is that it's a lovely romantic movie so I guess I have to bring my tissues 'cause I'm a total disaster when it comes to romantic movies. And my jealousy-problems tend to come up again when I watch those movies, even though I know that it's just a movie and that those actresses are on extremely hard diets and stuff. I just have to be happy to be me, but that's easier to say than to actually believe. Anyways, I still have to wait half an hour but I already sprayed my favorite perfume on my whole sweater. I'm wearing a comfortable outfit. Let me tell you the story. You guys know that yesterday, I saw my cousin again. She had this 'jegging' in black. And I noticed that I bought that from her online store a year ago. So, I always wore it as a legging, with something long over it. But she was wearing it with just (well, not with just a shirt, it was lovely and well chosen and stuff) t-shirt and I thought ; maybe I can wear something like that too! So I was looking for my 'jegging' but I couldn't find them. After looking for 15 minutes, I finally found them. I put it on with a black top and my new dark green sweater. It doesn't look as great on me as it does on my cousin, but I asked my mom if I was allowed to go out with her with such an outfit and she liked it, so I think I'm going to keep this on then. Shall I make a picture? I will, I am, I promise! Don't expect a great, fashionable picture 'cause I already told you my camera sucks with bad lighting. So, that was the 'jegging' story, now moving on to, what again? My perfume on my sweater, yes. I love my perfume, it's not expensive or something, it's just called 'So, kiss me' and I really love the scent. It's fruity but it doesn't smell like a fruit. I don't know what scent it is I'm a total disaster with describing scents. It's a sweet scent, but when you smell twice, you also smell something more 'spicy'. Yeah I will shut up now, it doens't sound like anything. My hair is just in my signature top-knot and I'm wearing my most precious jewelry ; my smile. No, that was just a joke. I am planning on wearing a smile though, 'cause I found out that when I look grumpy, I look like a total zombie but then worse. So. Sorry for all of you who have seen me looking grumpy. I think I will just go now, I have nothing really special to talk about anymore. Not that the other stuff I've said was special! I think I'm going to practise with taking my camera with me for Bloguary. I will make pictures from me and my mom tonight. If my mom allowes me to put pictures from her on my blog, hahaha. The next post will include more content, I promise.


Guys guys guys I'm thinking of doing sort of a project for next month. Lately I've seen so many people, especially on youtube, doing a kind of vlog-project for one month. They vlog everyday and take their viewers (in my case readers) with them as they just live their lives. I really would love to do that too. It will be a real challenge 'cause you guys know I suck at promises and stuff, but I thought why not right?! So, what I'm going to do is ; I will be posting every single day. I might forget it, but that's not what I hope. I will make pictures of everything and post them so that you guys can see what my life looks like. Although every one who reads this blog already knows.. but yeah let's just imagine that nobody knows something and that I've like 4579324035834 readers to share everything with. So, I want to have a funny name. I'm subscribed to a youtube channel called 'missglamorazzi' and she did this in August. She called her series 'Vlogust' and because I like that name so much ánd because I can't come up with something that perfect myself, I'm going to call my blog-series 'bloguary', 'cause I will be doing this the whole month of January. I'm so excited I actually want to start already but I will have to wait untill January first, which will be upcoming, let me think, sunday! So that's in 5 days! Or 4, it's just how you want to calculate it. So this afternoon I will be going to a friend of mine, it's her birthday today! The weather is kinda creeping me out 'cause it looks like the clouds are going to burst any time soon so I hope I won't get totally soaked on my way there. It's a 30 minute drive with my lovely bike, so.. yeah. Let's pray it won't rain. I also have to go and buy her a present, because I didn't have time to do it yet because of the music night performances and christmas time and stuff. Yesterday was lovely by the way, and my cousin looked lovely and I tried to nog be jealous and it kinda worked so I'm a little little little bit proud of my myself right now. I (by the way) got a present from my aunt, she gave me a picture frame with a picture of me, my cousin and my little cousin. Although I look terrible on that picture, I put it on my nightstand, just because it's not important how you look on the picture but with who you're on it. (my English is a disaster,  je sais). I have to go now!

Have a lovely week guys, I'll talk to you guys soon!

First and second christmas day

Hello lovely readers.
Our internet doesn’t want to work, so I write this post on Microsoft Word first. I hope I can upload this as soon as possible. So, secondly, merry christmas to all of you! I hope you’re al having a great and lovely time these days with all the people you love the most. Today my grandmother is over for dinner and tomorrow I’ll be going to my grandparents with the whole family. I’m looking forward to it, but there’s one little little little downside. I have a cousin who owns her own fashion company. I told you guys about her in a earlier post. Anyways, when I’m going over there I always try to look my best. But she al-ways looks prettier. I know my family doesn’t mind what we look like, and I really really love my cousin but deep inside I’m a little jealous. I know for sure everyone has something like that with a family member right? Pressure? Or am I the only one? I think I’m over exaggerating again, as usual, so I will shut up now. I’m sitting on my bedroom floor with my tv on. I’m watching a Circus show thing performed by kids? Not that I’m actually watching, but the music makes me happy! My stupid internet is still not working. I just ate carpaccio by the way, but the main dish wasn’t finished yet so my mom allowed me to go upstairs to write this blogpost. But I guess you guys have to wait a while. You may imagine me looking all dressed up with glittery eyes and my pretty dress but let me pull you out of that imaginary bubble, I’m just wearing jeans, a black long sleeved shirt and my big old ugly red sweater. Yeah. That’s it. I’m not ever wearing make-up. But that’s relaxing and it’s warm so.. Tomorrow I will be wearing something more proper for christmas ofcourse. I think it will be my star top which I wore on my sweet 17 party and during my music night performances. Which were great, by the way! I didn’t tell you guys everything yet but let me tell you in one word ; awesomeness. I love those times, and now they’re already over. It just flew by.
And hello, there I am again. It's the second day of christmas now, so merry christmas #2. Yesterday I shut my laptop of and went downstairs to watch a movie with my mom, so I didn't finish my blogspot, which I am doing right now at this very moment. On my blog-thing people, 'cause internet works again! So, today is the day I'm going to my grandparents and I'm looking forward to it like crazy, I love my family. My little cousin Charlot, who lives in Switzerland, will be there too so that's amazing. She always wants me to play the thief and put me in a closet. She feeds me though, with little pieces of a pringle chip, but yeah, I love her. Although I have to stay in that closet for an hour or so. My bath is getting ready (is that a sentence?) and I'm getting ready to go into it. I put some bath salt in there which smells like heaven so I'm looking forward to it already. Although I just realised that if I want to make my hair wet, I should not put it into the bath water because of the salt. So I also have to take a very very very quick shower.. My life's complicated.
I'm thinking about doing something special with my make-up today, and maybe I will make pictures and post it. I propably won't 'cause I promise you guys that sort of things too often and it actually never happens.

Bye guys, thanks for reading my boring story again!
Love and merry christmas,

Pier 17, outfits and what I love

Goodmorning guys!
I totally had a plan for today's post but I suck at remembering things so guess what, I forgot! And now I just have to ramble again. Let me first tell you something about my nailpolish. Yesterday I told you guys I went shopping with my mom and I saw this nailpolish from NYC and it was a dark, shimmery blue. I have many blue polishes believe me, but this shimmer kind one I didn't have yet. Seriously, I have too many nailpolishes you guys, I will count them for you wait a sec. I have got 44 naipolishes. Yes you've read that right. I use them all, I love them all. I just like painting my nails. It makes me feel more "ready to go". Anyways, I have the shimmery blue colour on right know, it's called pier 17, funny name. But I painted my nails yesterday and when I woke up one and a half hour ago I checked my nails and I saw that they obviously weren't dry yet when I went to bed. So, yeah you can guess what my nails looked like. So I just painted them over, and now it looks all bumpy and horrible but secretly I don't really care 'cause I will take the polish of tonight because tomorrow it's monday and I have the musicnight performance again and my outfits on stage totally don't work with this colour polish. So, yeah, that's the polish-story. I should make a picture, shouldn't I? I'm so sorry but my camera sucks with the lighting I have in my room and the pictures will look horrible and I don't know I just don't really like posting ugly pictures on my blog. I did post pictures on my 'my life in pictures' page, but those are made with another camera or just not in my room and with different lighting and stuff.
Today I have this birthday party to go to, and because I'm so so so happy with my new pair of jeans I think I'm going to wear them. But I won't if it's starting to rain 'cause have to go by bike so when it rains I prefer not putting new clothes on, snappez-vous? Anyways, enough about nailpolish and clothes and outfits, I'm going to take a bath. I am in love with bathing. Wait wait I'm going to make a list of things I love.
I love the following things (and more but I don't have enough time to write down every little thing)

- my family
- my friends
- my cat, Puck
- nailpolish (like you may have noticed)
- bathing
- taking a shower
- brushing my teeth (yeah..)
- Lush
- singing, music, etc.
- my mango lip butter from the bodyshop
- clothes
- shoes
- decorating my room
- I also love my room by the way
- food
- sun
- most of al, you!

Allright well that's a standard list don't you think? Yeah it's standard and boring I will make a better list soon I guess. Bye guys, have a great sunday!

Covered in boringness

I'm like, stalking my blog today. Anyways, I was just so bored that I automatically opened Polyvore. I didn't even want to, my brain just did. I took my boringness and turned it into an outfit which isn't fashionable, but just like, the mood I have. My mood is ; casual, not wanting to make myself look perfect for someone just because I have no one to look perfect for right now 'cause I'm home alone. Yes, it's saturday night and I'm sitting behind my desk listening to the pooring rain outside and wanting to be all casual and stuff. No the last thing was a joke, I'm just wearing my big greay I love NY sweater and some leggings. Very sexy right?
So, the outfit is black, grey-ish with a little touch of colour. I went shopping today, by the way, with my mom. I hàd to buy a new jeans. I just did because my other ones are all too big and I hate wearing belts. I find them annoying. So, after trying on every single pair of jeans I finally found one that fits. It's a G-star jeans, so it will tear apart in a thousend little pieces in one or two months I expect.. That happend to all of my G-star jeans though. Well no, I still have one, but that fabric isn't even breakable I guess, it is SO thick. Well I'm blabbering about nothing again, I guess I'm just going to try finishing my essay for my dutchclass wednesday. It's so hard for me guys, you don't even know. I suck at writing about things I don't even understand myself?! So wish me luck, please?

Bye lovely people.

Musicnight performance #1

Goodmorning guys!
Yesterday went by like the fastest train on earth, really. I was looking forward to it the whole week and suddenly the day was there and now it's already over. Feels weird, really. Anyways, let's talk about my (yester)day quickly right? In the morning I was brought to school by a friends' dad. We were so lucky to be brought to school because the weater sucked. It really did, it was dark and windy and pooring rain.
So, being at school the whole day was an adventure, 'cause I almost fell from the strais, I dropped my pen like a thouuuusend times and I was just a wreck because I was so nervous. Although I was nervous, I was looking forward to it (like I said) like crazy. When I saw people in the hallways who already had to do a performance we went like 'ooooh good luck tonight, I will see you and are you joining dinner' etc. Talking about dinner, every evening the whole group of like more than a hundred people eat together in one of the classrooms. So, after school I went to my aunts house, which is around the corner. Look, let me explain, having my hear, I have to have a shower before it can be like, tamed or something. And because I really really wanted to look good, I took a shower at my aunts house. Firstly, I came in there and she had made me a bowl of tomato soup. It was just so nice of her. While I was eating the doorbell rang and my mom showed up to bring all my bags with clothes and my blowdryer etc. We talked for like, 15 minutes and than I went upstairs, I took a shower, did my hair. I didn't do my makeup because we have our own makeup girls at school who make your face look like a pancake. So, my aunt brought me to school and I was one of the first girl in makeup. I had glitters on my eyes and stuff, loved it! The pancake stuff was a little itchy but who cares. After busting my panty (yes I had to have like, holes in my panty because the first song we had to perform was Thirller, acapella, yeah, but that's an other point of the story) we had dinner. We ate lasagne with broccoli.. Yeah, I also thought that that's a kinda weird combination. It tasted good, but more like plastic than like lasagne. But, I'm not alowed to whine about that from myself (is that even a correct sentence?) because I couldn't make lasagne better myself. When the whole performance night thing began I was running up and down the stairs and constantly looking at myself in the mirror. Not because I love myself so much, but I thought that I didn't look good yet and blablabla. The first act was thriller. It's performed by 10 girls (including me) and 2 boys. One girl did the lead and the others where the music, because we did the whole song acapella. One of the boys is a beatboxer so that was pretty awesome. The other one had to play the "base". You know right, in thriller you have a little short melody that comes back the whole song? Well he did that. I know I suck in explaining things but it will be on Youtube so than you guys will understand. IF you dare to watch it ofcourse, 'cause we were moving and dancing like freaks and stuff. My second act was a song called prettiest friend by Jason Mraz. I did that with 2 of my best friends. One played the guitar and the other one sang the song with me. We were too late. I was so embarresed and upset about myself 'cause gthe producer guy man thing, our music teacher, was really disappointed and when there's something I hate, it is dissapointing people. Well, the song didn't went perfect but well, we tried our best right? And then the break came, and I talked to my parents and stuff. Some people came up to me to tell me they really liked my voice and that, guys, gets me as red as a tomato. But, it's always great to get compliments right. Although I can't handle that very well. So, after the break, it was my turn to sing my solo. Well it wasn't really a solo 'cause the boy who played the piano (he's so great you guys have NO idea, unless you've heard ofcourse) sang with me at the chorusses things. It went great, I was so so so so nervous but it really went great and I loved it. That feeling I have on stage is like the most perfect feeling. I am insecure though, but I still love it. It's the best feeling in the world, well no, it comes after holding hands. Back to the point, the whole evening was great. Backstage, we're all complimenting eachother and stuff, we're just having a great time with eachother. A lot of my friends are on the whole show so to see them every night is great. I can't stop saying how great everything is. Maybe I should just stop talking about it now. The videos will be up on Youtube soon. Keep your eyes out for them, if you became curious.

Another little update story, today the guitar boy friend I was just talking about turned sixteen and tomorrow he celebrates his birthday for his family and I'm invited. I'm looking forward to it, but I just don't know what to buy him! I will go to the stores this afternoon to think about something nice but yeah I don't know we'll see, he deserves a lot more than I can give him but well, he'll understand, I'm just seventeen I don't own a fortune. I do have a lot of love to give? So, because I have so much love to give I give love to all of you right now and I will stop blabbering about nothing. Hope you enjoy reading about my life and if you don't I actually really am sorry! 'Cause saying sorry is something I actually do too much. Seriously I have to stop blabla-ing right now!

I'll talk to you guys soon!

My 70th post, which contains only blabla-ing

Hello lovely readers.
Seriously, this is my 70th post already! I feel like I've been talking to my laptop for the past half a year, which is kinda weird 'cause it's the internet so actually every one in the world could read this. So, well, I should better stop talking crap right now. This is a non-themed blog 'cause I'm just sitting on my bed with my little christmas lights on and my little christmas tree decorated and stuff, it makes me feel so warm and cosy!
Anyways, I'm wearing a hat right now? Yes, I am. When I came home today my head was like freezing and my mom told me to put on my hat (it's a grey, knitted one) and I'm still wearing it right now. In a few minutes I'll be going on the crosstrainer again, so then I'll put if off ofcourse. I don't feel like going on the crosstrainer this evening but I ate stuff I shouldn't had to and I feel guilty as hell so I feel like I really really have to.
You know what's weird? Yesterday I read back my diary, and I've changed like, nothing? I thought that I had changed over the time but I actually didn't. It feels so strange 'cause a year ago I wanted to be this or that and stuff and now I'm becoming what I wanted to be and I'm still not, like, fully satisfied.
Pff my belly is full of water 'cause I drank a lot this day. Anyways, my belly is splashing. Not that there's water coming out of it or something, but just I feel the water going up and down, snappez-vous?
OH, I didn't tell you guys yet that this friday the 'musicnights' at my school will begin, and I have three acts in it! And hell yeah I'm looking forward to it! My family is coming this friday, together with someone who I like a lot and who's definitely smiling right now, so I just have. to. do. a. great. job. dot. dot. dot.
So, I have to go right now 'cause otherwise I don't have enough time to go on my lovely little training machine. Did I just say little? Guys, seriously, that thing is HUGE. And so is my love for blogging, family etc.

Bye, and have a great ending of the week!

Rain, wind, tops and a song

Hello lovely readers.
I am bored. Yes, I actually do have a lot to do for school, but still. I was just surfing on the internet and doing nothing. I just came out of the most horrible weather ever. Rain and wind. The wind today, really, blew me away. I even fell on my way home, which didn't hurt that bad but still, it hurts a little. I fell right on my wrist, so, I have a blue-ish purple-ish wrist right now! Fashionable colours right?
When I came home, my mom had a suprise! A few weeks ago I saw a top at 'Only' and it was just love at first sight. I really wanted to have it so that I could wear it saturday (I'm throwing my sweet 17 party, hellyeah!) So, my mom and I went shopping a few days ago, but they didn't have my size anymore. But, this week I couldn't find the time to go shopping after school. I was so sad because I just really wanted to wear that top saturday! So, guess what, my mom bought it for me. I have to pay her back though, but I don't care that's normal and I don't want her to pay it, because I have clothingmoney, like we call it in Holland. (Seriously, my english is even more bad than it was a few posts ago, I'm sorry I'm a wreck).
Unfortunately, I'm not going to put up a picture of the top right now, 'cause I want it to be a surprise for the people who come to my party.
Tonight I will be going to a theatershow. This is the link where they explain what it is.
Anyways, I will be going with one of my best friends so I know for sure we're going to have fun! I hope we will be sitting next to eachother, because we're getting the tickets for free because we're a "theaterbuzzer". It's a quite boring story to explain what that is, so I will keep it short ; the school pays for our tickets and we have to go to shows like this and write something about it to make theatre and art more popular by younger people like us. That's it.
Last but not least, I wanted to share this song with you guys. It makes me think. Hope you like it!

Have a great evening!

Happy birthday to me!

Hello lovely readers.
Right now, I finally turned 17 years old. I've been looking forward to this day and now it's finally here and I already love it. At 0.00 yesterday night I got a few phonecalls from my most lovely friends and it made me feel SO happy! I also got my birthday present an hour ago, and because I don't want to brag or something, I'm not telling you guys! I hope you'll understand!
Have a lovely 4 december, for me it won't be hard to have a lovely day!

a 17-year-old girl