Amazed and excited

Goodmorning guys!
Seriously, I've just downloaded Google Chrome browser and I like it a lot, but right now, my internet is checking my grammar-thing, and because I'm a dutch girl, everything is underlined now 'cause this obviously isn't written in Dutch right? So let me figure out how to fix this and I'll be back soon. You guys won't even notice actually but I just like to write that down. Allright I fixed it, yeah! I feel like a nerd. No that's a joke, everyone could easily do this. So, after telling you how amazed I am with this new browser, I want to bore you guys with life-updates. I guess you're already sleeping on your desk right now, so, sweet dreams. Anyways, today it's raining and cold and windy and all that kind of stuff. So, it's that kind of weather when you don't want to go out of bed to do something. I did, I went out of my bed, ate my breakfast, went onto the crosstrainer, took a shower and dressed up. Well, I didn't dress up I'm just wearing my beige trousers and my black Adidas sweater. A friend of mine is coming over in about 30 minutes, so that's lovely. I had planned so many things for this week and e-ve-ry little thing gets changed. I expected this day to be different, but I was glad my friend had nothing to do today otherwise I'd be alone. So, that gives me a smile on my face, even with this kind of weather. I always tend to go with the flow of the weahter. When it's raining, I'm sad. No not sad, more like grumpy. Maybe I just am a grumpy person, let's keep it that way then. I'm so glad it's turning 2012 this week 'cause I need a fresh start and that's what I will hope to get. I always write down everything that changed in the past year, in my diary. And on the next page I write down what I hope to be doing and what I hope would happen in the next year. It actually never really comes out, so, maybe I should work a little harder for that. I will be doing that this year, I promise.
So, for tonight I don't have any plans at all so I guess I will just jump into bed early for once this week, hahaha. I'm such a disaster with falling asleep, it takes me like, literally an hour to really fall asleep. Oh oh oh and I'm getting more excited for Bloguary every single day, but I'm worried 'cause my camera is just SO bad, I took it with me when I went to the movies with my mom, remember? So, I took some pictures but the colours are so bad and the pictures just, I don't know, they're not blog-worthy. Allright I think I have to go now I have to fix myself before my friend comes 'cause I look and feel like a total monster.

Bye guys, thanks for reading again!

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