Guys guys guys I'm thinking of doing sort of a project for next month. Lately I've seen so many people, especially on youtube, doing a kind of vlog-project for one month. They vlog everyday and take their viewers (in my case readers) with them as they just live their lives. I really would love to do that too. It will be a real challenge 'cause you guys know I suck at promises and stuff, but I thought why not right?! So, what I'm going to do is ; I will be posting every single day. I might forget it, but that's not what I hope. I will make pictures of everything and post them so that you guys can see what my life looks like. Although every one who reads this blog already knows.. but yeah let's just imagine that nobody knows something and that I've like 4579324035834 readers to share everything with. So, I want to have a funny name. I'm subscribed to a youtube channel called 'missglamorazzi' and she did this in August. She called her series 'Vlogust' and because I like that name so much ├índ because I can't come up with something that perfect myself, I'm going to call my blog-series 'bloguary', 'cause I will be doing this the whole month of January. I'm so excited I actually want to start already but I will have to wait untill January first, which will be upcoming, let me think, sunday! So that's in 5 days! Or 4, it's just how you want to calculate it. So this afternoon I will be going to a friend of mine, it's her birthday today! The weather is kinda creeping me out 'cause it looks like the clouds are going to burst any time soon so I hope I won't get totally soaked on my way there. It's a 30 minute drive with my lovely bike, so.. yeah. Let's pray it won't rain. I also have to go and buy her a present, because I didn't have time to do it yet because of the music night performances and christmas time and stuff. Yesterday was lovely by the way, and my cousin looked lovely and I tried to nog be jealous and it kinda worked so I'm a little little little bit proud of my myself right now. I (by the way) got a present from my aunt, she gave me a picture frame with a picture of me, my cousin and my little cousin. Although I look terrible on that picture, I put it on my nightstand, just because it's not important how you look on the picture but with who you're on it. (my English is a disaster,  je sais). I have to go now!

Have a lovely week guys, I'll talk to you guys soon!

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  1. Bloguary, klinkt goed! Ik vind t jammer dat ik vanmiddag niet bij Eline ben, maar zie je snel weer! Xxxxx