Covered in boringness

I'm like, stalking my blog today. Anyways, I was just so bored that I automatically opened Polyvore. I didn't even want to, my brain just did. I took my boringness and turned it into an outfit which isn't fashionable, but just like, the mood I have. My mood is ; casual, not wanting to make myself look perfect for someone just because I have no one to look perfect for right now 'cause I'm home alone. Yes, it's saturday night and I'm sitting behind my desk listening to the pooring rain outside and wanting to be all casual and stuff. No the last thing was a joke, I'm just wearing my big greay I love NY sweater and some leggings. Very sexy right?
So, the outfit is black, grey-ish with a little touch of colour. I went shopping today, by the way, with my mom. I hàd to buy a new jeans. I just did because my other ones are all too big and I hate wearing belts. I find them annoying. So, after trying on every single pair of jeans I finally found one that fits. It's a G-star jeans, so it will tear apart in a thousend little pieces in one or two months I expect.. That happend to all of my G-star jeans though. Well no, I still have one, but that fabric isn't even breakable I guess, it is SO thick. Well I'm blabbering about nothing again, I guess I'm just going to try finishing my essay for my dutchclass wednesday. It's so hard for me guys, you don't even know. I suck at writing about things I don't even understand myself?! So wish me luck, please?

Bye lovely people.

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  1. stell!
    het is echt leuk dat je vandaag zoveel hebt gepost, want ik ben degene die altijd je blog leest (:
    ga zo door & je zal vanzelf meer volgers krijgen!
    because you're amazing <3