First and second christmas day

Hello lovely readers.
Our internet doesn’t want to work, so I write this post on Microsoft Word first. I hope I can upload this as soon as possible. So, secondly, merry christmas to all of you! I hope you’re al having a great and lovely time these days with all the people you love the most. Today my grandmother is over for dinner and tomorrow I’ll be going to my grandparents with the whole family. I’m looking forward to it, but there’s one little little little downside. I have a cousin who owns her own fashion company. I told you guys about her in a earlier post. Anyways, when I’m going over there I always try to look my best. But she al-ways looks prettier. I know my family doesn’t mind what we look like, and I really really love my cousin but deep inside I’m a little jealous. I know for sure everyone has something like that with a family member right? Pressure? Or am I the only one? I think I’m over exaggerating again, as usual, so I will shut up now. I’m sitting on my bedroom floor with my tv on. I’m watching a Circus show thing performed by kids? Not that I’m actually watching, but the music makes me happy! My stupid internet is still not working. I just ate carpaccio by the way, but the main dish wasn’t finished yet so my mom allowed me to go upstairs to write this blogpost. But I guess you guys have to wait a while. You may imagine me looking all dressed up with glittery eyes and my pretty dress but let me pull you out of that imaginary bubble, I’m just wearing jeans, a black long sleeved shirt and my big old ugly red sweater. Yeah. That’s it. I’m not ever wearing make-up. But that’s relaxing and it’s warm so.. Tomorrow I will be wearing something more proper for christmas ofcourse. I think it will be my star top which I wore on my sweet 17 party and during my music night performances. Which were great, by the way! I didn’t tell you guys everything yet but let me tell you in one word ; awesomeness. I love those times, and now they’re already over. It just flew by.
And hello, there I am again. It's the second day of christmas now, so merry christmas #2. Yesterday I shut my laptop of and went downstairs to watch a movie with my mom, so I didn't finish my blogspot, which I am doing right now at this very moment. On my blog-thing people, 'cause internet works again! So, today is the day I'm going to my grandparents and I'm looking forward to it like crazy, I love my family. My little cousin Charlot, who lives in Switzerland, will be there too so that's amazing. She always wants me to play the thief and put me in a closet. She feeds me though, with little pieces of a pringle chip, but yeah, I love her. Although I have to stay in that closet for an hour or so. My bath is getting ready (is that a sentence?) and I'm getting ready to go into it. I put some bath salt in there which smells like heaven so I'm looking forward to it already. Although I just realised that if I want to make my hair wet, I should not put it into the bath water because of the salt. So I also have to take a very very very quick shower.. My life's complicated.
I'm thinking about doing something special with my make-up today, and maybe I will make pictures and post it. I propably won't 'cause I promise you guys that sort of things too often and it actually never happens.

Bye guys, thanks for reading my boring story again!
Love and merry christmas,

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  1. stell <3
    het is nergens voor nodig om je zo te voelen, want jij ziet er altijd leuk uit op je eigen manier en je moet je niet altijd vergelijken met anderen!
    heel veel plezier vanavond met je familie en nog een fijne vakantie!