I just woke up and ate my breakfast super super fast 'cause I wanted to blog before I jumped under the shower. And my mom is under it now, she slept in but that wasn't a great idea 'cause her friend will be here at 11.00 to go shopping with her and my mom is, how shall I say this, very slow (?) when it comes to preparing to go somewhere. I can prepare myself in half an hour if I have to, but I prefer an hour. I go under the shower for 15 minutes, get my head and hair ready by putting tonic and lotion on my skin and getting coconut stuff in my hair and after that I need half an hour to fully get ready with my clothes and with blowdrying my hair. So, I'm not very quick either but I'm faster than my lovely mom. Yesterday, we went to the movies, right? I loved it. It was so much fun to be at the cinema that late and the movie was great, it's a recommended movie from now on. Anyways, my mom calls me that she's ready with showering so I guess it's my turn now. But I want to finish my story first! My mom and I had a great time, the movie was romantic but a little sad and also very funny it was just amazing. Have you seen the movie Valentine's Day? 'Cause it was just like that one, adorable! Me and my mom both ordered a medium size salt popcorn thing and a bottle of water. I did feel quilty because of the popcorn (I'm still trying to lose some weight, or at least stay the same as I am right now) but I got over that because I thought ; it's vacation, I'm here with my mom, tomorrow I will be biking for an hour again and yeah it will be 2012 soon so a new fresh start, right? I have to go now!

Bye lovely people have a great day!

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