Musicnight performance #1

Goodmorning guys!
Yesterday went by like the fastest train on earth, really. I was looking forward to it the whole week and suddenly the day was there and now it's already over. Feels weird, really. Anyways, let's talk about my (yester)day quickly right? In the morning I was brought to school by a friends' dad. We were so lucky to be brought to school because the weater sucked. It really did, it was dark and windy and pooring rain.
So, being at school the whole day was an adventure, 'cause I almost fell from the strais, I dropped my pen like a thouuuusend times and I was just a wreck because I was so nervous. Although I was nervous, I was looking forward to it (like I said) like crazy. When I saw people in the hallways who already had to do a performance we went like 'ooooh good luck tonight, I will see you and are you joining dinner' etc. Talking about dinner, every evening the whole group of like more than a hundred people eat together in one of the classrooms. So, after school I went to my aunts house, which is around the corner. Look, let me explain, having my hear, I have to have a shower before it can be like, tamed or something. And because I really really wanted to look good, I took a shower at my aunts house. Firstly, I came in there and she had made me a bowl of tomato soup. It was just so nice of her. While I was eating the doorbell rang and my mom showed up to bring all my bags with clothes and my blowdryer etc. We talked for like, 15 minutes and than I went upstairs, I took a shower, did my hair. I didn't do my makeup because we have our own makeup girls at school who make your face look like a pancake. So, my aunt brought me to school and I was one of the first girl in makeup. I had glitters on my eyes and stuff, loved it! The pancake stuff was a little itchy but who cares. After busting my panty (yes I had to have like, holes in my panty because the first song we had to perform was Thirller, acapella, yeah, but that's an other point of the story) we had dinner. We ate lasagne with broccoli.. Yeah, I also thought that that's a kinda weird combination. It tasted good, but more like plastic than like lasagne. But, I'm not alowed to whine about that from myself (is that even a correct sentence?) because I couldn't make lasagne better myself. When the whole performance night thing began I was running up and down the stairs and constantly looking at myself in the mirror. Not because I love myself so much, but I thought that I didn't look good yet and blablabla. The first act was thriller. It's performed by 10 girls (including me) and 2 boys. One girl did the lead and the others where the music, because we did the whole song acapella. One of the boys is a beatboxer so that was pretty awesome. The other one had to play the "base". You know right, in thriller you have a little short melody that comes back the whole song? Well he did that. I know I suck in explaining things but it will be on Youtube so than you guys will understand. IF you dare to watch it ofcourse, 'cause we were moving and dancing like freaks and stuff. My second act was a song called prettiest friend by Jason Mraz. I did that with 2 of my best friends. One played the guitar and the other one sang the song with me. We were too late. I was so embarresed and upset about myself 'cause gthe producer guy man thing, our music teacher, was really disappointed and when there's something I hate, it is dissapointing people. Well, the song didn't went perfect but well, we tried our best right? And then the break came, and I talked to my parents and stuff. Some people came up to me to tell me they really liked my voice and that, guys, gets me as red as a tomato. But, it's always great to get compliments right. Although I can't handle that very well. So, after the break, it was my turn to sing my solo. Well it wasn't really a solo 'cause the boy who played the piano (he's so great you guys have NO idea, unless you've heard ofcourse) sang with me at the chorusses things. It went great, I was so so so so nervous but it really went great and I loved it. That feeling I have on stage is like the most perfect feeling. I am insecure though, but I still love it. It's the best feeling in the world, well no, it comes after holding hands. Back to the point, the whole evening was great. Backstage, we're all complimenting eachother and stuff, we're just having a great time with eachother. A lot of my friends are on the whole show so to see them every night is great. I can't stop saying how great everything is. Maybe I should just stop talking about it now. The videos will be up on Youtube soon. Keep your eyes out for them, if you became curious.

Another little update story, today the guitar boy friend I was just talking about turned sixteen and tomorrow he celebrates his birthday for his family and I'm invited. I'm looking forward to it, but I just don't know what to buy him! I will go to the stores this afternoon to think about something nice but yeah I don't know we'll see, he deserves a lot more than I can give him but well, he'll understand, I'm just seventeen I don't own a fortune. I do have a lot of love to give? So, because I have so much love to give I give love to all of you right now and I will stop blabbering about nothing. Hope you enjoy reading about my life and if you don't I actually really am sorry! 'Cause saying sorry is something I actually do too much. Seriously I have to stop blabla-ing right now!

I'll talk to you guys soon!

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  1. Wat ben je toch ook een lekkerwijf. Ik ben benieuwd naar je acts, heb er zin in!