My 70th post, which contains only blabla-ing

Hello lovely readers.
Seriously, this is my 70th post already! I feel like I've been talking to my laptop for the past half a year, which is kinda weird 'cause it's the internet so actually every one in the world could read this. So, well, I should better stop talking crap right now. This is a non-themed blog 'cause I'm just sitting on my bed with my little christmas lights on and my little christmas tree decorated and stuff, it makes me feel so warm and cosy!
Anyways, I'm wearing a hat right now? Yes, I am. When I came home today my head was like freezing and my mom told me to put on my hat (it's a grey, knitted one) and I'm still wearing it right now. In a few minutes I'll be going on the crosstrainer again, so then I'll put if off ofcourse. I don't feel like going on the crosstrainer this evening but I ate stuff I shouldn't had to and I feel guilty as hell so I feel like I really really have to.
You know what's weird? Yesterday I read back my diary, and I've changed like, nothing? I thought that I had changed over the time but I actually didn't. It feels so strange 'cause a year ago I wanted to be this or that and stuff and now I'm becoming what I wanted to be and I'm still not, like, fully satisfied.
Pff my belly is full of water 'cause I drank a lot this day. Anyways, my belly is splashing. Not that there's water coming out of it or something, but just I feel the water going up and down, snappez-vous?
OH, I didn't tell you guys yet that this friday the 'musicnights' at my school will begin, and I have three acts in it! And hell yeah I'm looking forward to it! My family is coming this friday, together with someone who I like a lot and who's definitely smiling right now, so I just have. to. do. a. great. job. dot. dot. dot.
So, I have to go right now 'cause otherwise I don't have enough time to go on my lovely little training machine. Did I just say little? Guys, seriously, that thing is HUGE. And so is my love for blogging, family etc.

Bye, and have a great ending of the week!

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